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The last of the snow backs are slowly melting…only a few snowflakes are sticking to the ground…Spring is here (at least, according to my calender). And this, to my great satisfaction. This month is defiantly my favourite of the month. Why? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! The 26. :) Okay, that’s enough of a result. But I also love this month because it is the beginning of the hot weather, the evenings to the sugar shack, the evenings are getting longer, the first ice cream (I’m early, but thePalmier Glacé is there for me. YES!). March really brings me joy of life that I can’t stop.  After my winter blues, because yes, temperature effects my mood heavily, it is time to make peace with Mother Nature and reconnect with the beautiful scenery around me. March is also my spring cleaning! Yes, I give my apartment a deep clean, but mostly, I change my wardrobe. I always have the habit of putting my summer stuff somewhere inaccessible in winter, so it’s a surprise to me when it is time to sort through it. I rediscovered my lighter clothes, my beautiful dresses and I’m always pleasantly surprised of some of the clothes I have. It also allows me to realize that I was wearing weird stuff in 2014 and I gained some weight too … Meehh. Oh well! I fill my bags with all these beautiful clothes that I don’t want anymore and hop! It goes in the pile of clothes that we will be selling soon. I’ll talk to you at greater length shortly. I am very happy to find myself in this kind of look! Quite midseason. My boyfriend pants had too many holes for the winter, but are just perfect for spring, my shoes semi-open, semi-closed and what can I say of this long sleeve sweater, but very airy. What do you thing? Would you wear this look?




Top : C’Glam

Pants : Gap

Shoes: HR2

Photographer : Sarah-Émily St-Gelais

Make-up : Sammy Jane Hughes









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