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Good. I’ll get to the point immediately. I’m not as comfortable with my body than I used to be. There was a period in my life when I was dancing ten hours a week, I trained 4-5 times a week at the gym and I was giving such attention (probably too much) to my body. And then I became sick. I had to accept that weighing 108 pounds at 5″7,  was not healthy for me. Be very thin is far from meaning that you are healthy. Remember that! So I changed lifestyle dramatically cutting my hours at the gym (I did not go to be healthy and fit, but to lose weight and be muscular, which I now consider bad). Attention! I always will, but once a week. I take the stairs, I run, I do physical activity. I am far from saying that you should not exercise or workout! But you really should be aware of why and how we do it. I also changed my diet to be more balanced and more importantly eat more frequent meals. So I eat throughout the day, but in small portions. With all these changes, my body has changed in my new lifestyle. This means that I embraced having a beautiful woman’s body. So I have breasts, buttocks, hips, normal stomach and I no longer look like a bag of bones. I am more “curvy” but truly healthy. It is nonetheless still difficult to accept this change because I was accustomed to seeing myself for a longtime as very thin. I’m not the first to experience this kind of situation, this obsession we have the girl with the perfect body. In short, when Camille told me I had to shoot in a bathing suit, see the upset face that I made (see first image). I was not very happy and even embarrassed. Those who know me well know that I am far from being a shy girl. I have pretty confident in myself. But it took a small change to do this. So I started by putting a sarong on and quickly take the little yellow fan we have in the office. I felt a lot less “naked” … Less alone … Then we had to show this particularly beautiful swimsuit Azura (I love the stripes!). I thought it was better to laugh at this, to embrace myself and show my new body. I like a little more each day. Have you ever been in the same situation?



Here are my three tricks for feeling good in your own skin!

1. In general, I am a very natural girl. I wear very little makeup and I comb my hair very randomly. The days that I find the hardest, are when I have to take the time to “primp.” I don’t know about you, but for me, to take the time to wear makeup, take out my red lipstick and rock my Farrah Fawcett hair, changes my attitude completely. On those days, nothing can stop me!

2. Wear comfortable clothes. It’s so simple and so completely on trend! I do not mean athletic clothes or soft cotton. I’m talking about a loose dress, boyfriend jeans or a sweater for example. All of these are feminine piece but not tight. I then feel comfortable in my body!

3. It’s all in your personality. Although I am still discovering and understanding my new body, my fabulous personality will  always be the same, and that, there’s nothing in the world that can change me. I have a pig’s character, I am determined, I am confident and I am sure of my ability. And that, for me, is the finest beauty that you can have and probably my best asset. So I put on my bubbly, cheerful and sociable side to feel good in every situation.

It is also important to mention that I don’t think I’m big, far from that. I like how I am and I am proud of the path that I have accomplished. Ladies, if you please, put the emphasis on your health and not on how “skinny” you are. It will make all the difference in the world. ;)






Swimsuit : Azura Swimwear

Jumper : Azura Swimwear

Photo Credit : Marie-Claire De Blois

Makeup and hair: Jessica Branchaud Meneses




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