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When I was 10 years old, I'd pass by Le Château's store every time my mom and I were at the mall. I was drooling in front of those clothes which were many sizes too big for me. I couldn't wait to grow up and finally be able to wear that beautiful dress or even that same tailored suit the other client was trying on. These piece were waiting for me to be purchased! 

A few weeks back, I had the chance to attend the new fall 2016 collection preview! It was in a friendly setting that I had to see the Le Château's new fall collection. Even if we love summer, there's no harm in a quick glance for our fall wardrobe. 

Many pieces were inspired by the 70s such as these leggings that prove how floral isn't only reserved for spring.  

le château

Source: Le Château

More the mercury lowers, more I love wearing darker colours. It's the effect the cold has on me I assume. I totally fell in love for this khaki coat.

manteau kaki le chateau

Source: Le Château

Autumn is the season to bundle up in a big blanket to stay warm. Why not do the same with a poncho? They were super trendy last year and yet are back in style this upcoming fall season in cream and pink tones.


Source: Le Château


Another nod to the 70s with this sleeveless top that I love! If you subscribe to magazines (like I am addicted) you'll notice that they were the centerpiece of several shows this year. With pants and heels for a five to seven, with your favorite pair of shoes the weekend.

The long gray coat is a must in your wardrobe. With your boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers, it's a perfect look guaranteed!


manteau gris

Source: Le Château

And don't forget to browse their bridal section! Breathtaking bridal gowns await you and you'll find anything you need for your bridal party.


Source: Le Château


Source: Le Château

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