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Laurence has a passion for «clichés» and first impressions. She thinks that beauty lays in details and that the smallest change can make a difference in someone’s perception. According to her, clothes are the mirror of our personality and that’s why she always adds a personnal touch to every outfit. Always wearing a high-rise pair of pants, she likes transparence, super-comfortable knit scarves and outstanding accessories. The majority of her finds (if not all of them) come from online shopping where she likes to spend a lot of time (read: procrastinate). She also likes fashion for men and that’s why she signs the Column for Men every week! On the beauty side, she is addicted to her Stilla eyeliner and her magic BB cream. Her loooooooooong hair can sometimes be a puzzle, but she would (or could) never EVER get rid of them. We could say that they are part of her look, like Madonna and her shorts. Her life philosophy: there’s no minute like last minute! After all, the best memories are the unexpected ones, right?

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