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About 3 years ago I experienced hair loss.  I always took good care of my hair so you can imagine how surprised I was. I mean, I used to think hair loss was a problem that only affected men. However, according to the American Hair Loss Association, women make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers! So what causes hair loss you may ask? Stress, malnutrition, hormonal changes, and childbirth are a few examples. See a doctor if you are experiencing substantial hair loss (before a hair stylist) to find out what the underlying problem is. In addition, certain products can promote the right conditions for stopping hair loss and promoting new hair growth. Based on my personal experience with hair loss these products can help get you on track for a fuller, healthier head of hair! 


L’ANZA Healing Hair Care – Nourish Line

L'Anza Healing Nourish Trio (worth £78.85)

Source: Look Fantastic

L’Anza was the first professional haircare system recommended to me and I just fell in love with their products! L’Anza claims this line keeps hair in the Anagen (growth) phase longer by targeting seven areas to nourish healthy hair growth, and it definitely worked for me! My hair felt lighter and softer and my hair loss stopped within a month! I highly recommend this system if you have dryer hair as I found the conditioner to be quite nourishing (compared to other hair loss systems) leaving my curls hydrated, shiny and bouncy.

The shampoo removes excess sebum and product build up (which provides a nice lift at the root of your hair creating volume). A cool tingling sensation promotes blood circulation so your hair receives more nutrients.

The conditioner has a cooling effect and, with the help of keratin, strengthens hair to resist breakage. I was skeptical at first, but felt a huge difference in my hair’s softness after the first use (it looked amazing)!It’s next to impossible to find an effective hair loss system that doesn’t include some sort of scalp treatment. L’Anza’s should be applied twice daily to stimulate the scalp and boost blood circulation (which will allow delivery of more nutrients to the hair, keeping it healthy! )

I would purchase these products at the Perron Aitken Salon (great place! The staff is super friendly and very talented!) or you can always purchase online.


Aveda’s Invati Line

Source: SunSentinel

This line is everything! The products are high quality, the results are incredible, and it’s 97% botanically derived (what more could you ask for?)! This line stops hair loss and promotes new hair growth all while giving your hair the extra volume it needs. The only downside (for me) is that, these products don’t contain many hydrating ingredients (hence why it gives so much volume). If your hair gets dry very easily, try to pair it with a weekly hydrating mask or alternate the shampoo with a moisturizing one (like a co-wash). If however you have an oilier scalp it’ll be perfect for you.

The Exfoliating Shampoo (NO microbeads!) exfoliates with the help of salicylic acid derived from wintergreen (it’s a super gentle exfoliant). It removes excess sebum, product buildup, sticky dandruff, and anything else that might be clogging your scalp, creating a healthy environment for hair growth (and it also gives you volume at the root!)

The Thickening Conditioner, made with Soy Protein, is formulated to be applied from root to tip and will thicken each strand of hair making it more resistant to breakage (it’s a super light formula so it won’t leave your scalp looking oily or weigh down your hair).

The Scalp Revitalizer is a 12 hour treatment (morning and night), which you’ll want to apply directly to your scalp and massage in. This treatment contains turmeric and ginseng that’ll activate your hair follicles (promoting new hair growth from the bulbs that are currently inactive).

I get these products at the Downtown Montreal Experience Centre, but they are available in other locations and online. 


LUSH Roots Hair Treatment


Source: LUSH

In a moment of crisis (after a series of disappointments from drugstore brands) I went to the Downtown Montreal LUSH store looking for a natural solution to my problem. After sitting down with an employee and letting her know what my concerns were and what I was looking for, she proposed an array of products tailored to my needs (really loved my experience there). I was provided a sample of this mask (which I ended up buying) and it was by far the best treatment for my situation and is sure to complement any hair loss system. LUSH formulated this mask specifically for those of us with very fine hair so they could give their locks a boost of hydration without weighing them down. The mint in it revitalizes the scalp while the olive oil and honey gives your hair weightless moisture and shine! 

You can find this products at the different LUSH stores or online. 

Hair loss is a problem that affects many women but discussing the subject is almost taboo. Although it isn’t life threatening, it can definitely affect women of all ages emotionally. Visiting your family doctor is the first thing you should do when experiencing substantial hair loss, and staying informed of products that give your hair the best possible environment to grow and stay healthy is important. Furthermore, because everyone reacts differently to different products, it’s better to be safe than sorry and test a small amount of product before you go all out with it to ensure you aren’t allergic and won’t have a bad reaction to it (trust me on this one, I’ve learned the hard way).

If you’re suffering from hair thinning, don’t be embarrassed because you’re not alone in this fight! And as someone who’s suffered from hair loss and has finally found a solution to stop it I can tell you right now: Go see your doctor, listen to your body, be patient, and set yourself up for success with the right lifestyle and product choices.


Have an amazing haircare product for hair thinning? Share it in the comment section bellow! :D


Cover Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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