Hope your liver is ready, Poutine Week starts TODAY and I cannot wait to be part of the festivites. Because yes, I'm a big poutine enthusiast. Poutine lover as in, it's Poutine Week each week in my heart. What makes the difference with this week is that many restaurants from several cities have been racking their brains in order to impress the crowd with over the top delicious Pouts.

I occasionally ingest two poutines a day (I feel horrible afterwards, don't get me wrong) yet last week, to prepare myself for Poutine Week (bg shout out to Na'eem Adam and his side-kick Thierry Rassam to make one's life better, one potato chip at a time) and haven't had any!

I had access to the list and poutines' descriptions of the week in order to have a better idea about the menu and to introduce you to those who makes my stomach gurgle with excitement. 

Le Fabergé: Big fries (yes, they literally are big), cheese curd (as tradition dictates!), delicious rabbit confit and rabbit based brown sauce. ????


Campo: Portuguese chicken poutine is a classic if you're in a hurry during lunchtime at the office. Nevertheless, Campo's is particularly mouthwatering with its grilled chicken, chorizo chips and cheese I couldn't wait to taste;  São Jorge. Since, I'll admit, after a few minutes I was done typing those lines, Virginie and I were on our way to Campo to make some serious damage.

ED: It was really, really good. We'd recommend you this one without hesitation. The great news; if you can't go this week, rejoice since this poutine is part of their regular menu and is served all year round (however, this week, they have a 3$ glass of wine promotion so it's definitely worth the look!) Editor's note: If you go to Campo, even you're not hungry anymore, you HAVE TO get their Nata do ceu dessert, like you can't leave the establishment without ordering it, got it?

Bird Bar: What sets this "pogo poutine" apart from your average cheap diner found on the side of the highway, is the love which is put in the preparation of ingredients. This glorious corndog which adorns your plate is evidently home-cooked. You can also get pop-corn chicken poutine (Bird Bar is known for its fried chicken!) and a small spicy kick with jalapenos. I'd recommend you to discover this poutine with a glass of bubbly.

What! Meet "The Birdbar Poutine 2.0" from @lebirdbar only for #LaPoutineWeek! ????by @arose_pr

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Poutine Week is also taking place elsewhere in Quebec. For example, OMG has combined two favourites in a single decadent dish. Their Mac n' Pout comes from the uniting of Mac n' Cheese fries balls and a poutine. 

In Saguenay, microbreweries La Voie Maltée will serve L'Ambiguë Smodek Meat and Fritos. True to form, the cooks have included delicious biers in the recipe that contains curly beer fries, Perron cheese curds, homemade poutine gravy, Fritos, Michigan Ambiguë sauce and VM smoked meat. Yummy! 

Have a great week :)

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