It’s no secret that having children changes your life. It changes our habits, our comings and goings, our rhythm of life, and our relationship as a couple. The first year is often the most difficult and the one that requires the most adaptation. Nonetheless, it’s essential to aside some time for yourselves, as a couple, whether it’s 10 minutes a day or an evening out every once in a while. So, how can we keep the flame alive after sleepless nights and innumerable diaper changes?


Have a chat every day

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Reserve a little time every day, be it in the morning, at noon, or at night, to talk about something other than your children. Perhaps one of your favourite comedians is on tour, or a new season of your favourite series is available on Netflix, or maybe you want to plan for a trip you’d like to take at some point in the future… In other words, talk about anything and everything EXCEPT children.


A romantic dinner once a week

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Enjoy a romantic dinner every Friday. No need to call a babysitter every week, especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea just yet. Feed the kids at the same time as usual, but wait until they’re asleep to prepare an intimate dinner for two. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy a favourite dish that is not popular with the kids (Hello tartare)!


A television series for two

At least once a week, get together to watch an episode of your favourite television series – sans children. There’s just one condition: you have to watch it together (as in, at the same time)! It’s a simple way to schedule some time for the two of you (and it can be a great topic of conversation for your daily chat).


Go see a show

Chances are, you had a number of interests in common before you had children. Perhaps you both liked the same comedian or singer. Perhaps you enjoyed an evening at the casino or a movie starring your favourite actor. Spoil yourselves a little every few months; it’ll do you both a world of good! My hubby and I plan to go out every month. We almost always pick up a Cineplex movie theatre package when we shop at Costco!


Rejuvenate with a breath of fresh air

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Spending time outdoors is good for everyone and it helps you to unwind. Whether camping, renting a cottage or simply taking a walk in the neighbourhood at night, spending time outdoors helps clear your head.


Eat together as a family

My spouse works at night so we make it a point to sit down as a family and enjoy breakfast together without electronic distractions. It’s much easier to bond when you don’t have a screen in front of your face. On weekends, our son plays with his toys once he’s finished eating, which allows us to have a quiet conversation while savouring a cup of coffee.

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