For a few months now, I’m always giving the same lecture. I guess my trip to California wasn’t enough and my body is in dying need of vacation. I need to cool off more than before after work and on the weekends. In order to fully invest myself in projects, I have to put an X on the idea of traveling abroad. This year, even if I truly enjoyed my summer to the fullest and that I traveled to a few destinations, I still wish to explore my own province. With this idea in mind, I’ve visited Sépag National Park located in Boucherville with my brother, boyfriend and his sister at the beginning of September. Many activities are offered on location but we decided to opt for a kayak ride, in order to float on calm water on the lake and to admire the view.

Who would have thought that after few minutes outside of Montreal we would find outstanding landscapes. If you’re not into kayaking (or simply scared of falling into the cold water lake), don’t beat yourself up, Boucherville-Islands National Park offers to hikers great hiking paths along the lake. It’s the perfect location for a break from the city scene during the morning or to come here to simple recharge your battery before Monday. Of course, if you have more time, you can always choosing the camping opting and snob the downtown area for an extra day. It felt so good to take that little relaxing moment and live it with my family and it seems that finding myself in nature made me have peace within myself over the fact that winter is approaching. I can’t to go back during winter for a hike with racquets and enjoyed a hot chocolate under the blankets  with my cat. Yes, even if I didn’t board a plane and traveled a thousand mile, I can say that on this day, I had the impression of traveling in my own country while sitting in the middle of the lake. What about you, is there any place close to your home that makes you escape and makes you feels you’re traveling ?


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