Joëlle Desrosiers Contributor
Joëlle is the kind of girl who has a suuuuper busy schedule. The quote «work is health» applies perfectly to her lifestyle. When she has free time, Joëlle likes to cook, practice various sports, watch TV series with her boyfriend Thomas «the monkey» Parent or do some shopping (of course). In everyday life, Joëlle is the most mixed up person on Earth! She can’t take a decision without questioning her choice. Just choosing what she is going to order at the restaurant is a challenge for her. With clothes, it’s the same problem! She can change her outfit a dozen times before finally choosing the first one she had put on. Joëlle’s style is feminine and simple. She likes quality pieces of clothing that will last forever and that will not surprise her badly after the first wash. She like oversized sweaters, cigarette pants, the color black, beanies and basics that she can mix and match with anything. On the make up side, she is not much of an adventurer. Mascara is her best friend, but she doesn't know much about the rest.

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