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I've chosen Amber Fillerup Clark as this week's "It Girl", YouTube sensation, hairdresser and founder of Barefoot Blonde. Her perfect boho fashion style with her knowledge of hair styling and her two adorable kids make her blog an intimate experience which is why I absolutely had to write about her this week. Clark is originally from Meza (Arizona) and moved to Provo in Utah in order to study at Utah Valley University. After one semester, she decided to follow her dreams and to become a hairdresser. Her talent quickly got noticed by her clients who kept on asking her to obtain goddess braids made by our blonde beauty. She then decided to launch her YouTube channel in order to post hair tutorials. Her blog Barefoot Blonde also saw the light of day where the founder posts daily beauty and fashion inspirations. 



I wanted to write about Amber because her path in the blogosphere has an incredible evolution, which is why is it important to know that it is indeed possible to grow and to mature in this universe by also remaining true to oneself. We first got to know her back in 2011 as a single young woman who discovered the world and go out to celebrate with her friends. Through Barefoot Blonde, Amber shares how she met the man of her life that will soon become her husband as well as all the important events that followed that meeting, including the birth of her two children, Atticus and Rosie. Her blog is a true biography beautifully exposed. 

Amber's fashion style evolution is also evident. From "beach-bum" to bohemian goddess, we can see that her fashion style has evolved with her. Her "mommy-style" is current, super comfy and perfectly feminine. She loves wearing soft fabrics with flowy dress that perfectly fits any moms' lifestyle. Pregnant or not, Amber is a die-hard fan of romantic dresses. During the cold season, Amber always wears jeans or layers tops with scarves that add texture and a subtle touch to her casual outfits. 

I can confirm how we can forget to take care of ourselves once we have kids (I'm a proud mom of three super kids) and I love how our "it girl" still prioritizes her kids by also taking care of herself. At times, you simply need to have a great hair day to feel amazing… we shall all take those extra few minutes in the morning to feel like goddesses in my opinion.





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