I'm 23 years old and still kicking. An university graduate, happy employee that works in a field that she loves, recently have gotten in a relationship and still a virgin. I see you coming : "It's still possible to be a 23-year-old virgin in 2016?" Surprise, surprise folks, the answer is : YES! It is not without its share of worries and comparisons, but virginity has played a big part my entire life. Flirts here and there, a boyfriend from time to time but never serious enough to actually take the big leap and lose my V card. 

Now things are different. After my mere 20 plus years of existence,  living in this perfectly imperfect  body, I've fallen in love and still live on this continuous cloud. It's become serious, to a point where I think I'd be ready to lose my virginity to him. But there are important steps to follow that will lead any fellow sisters and brothers to the  «the-non-virgins » land.

Step 1 : You have to tell your boyfriend that no other guys have been down there before

Oh god! I mean, this isn't a casual topic indeed and obviously something that is easier said than done : "Hey babe! How was your day? Mine was great, I love my job, I'm still a virgin, I had a meeting at work… It was wonderful." See my point?


Step 2 : Explore your partner's body before you bring him on a tour on yours, that doesn't mean you should make the move either.

Don't be stressed girl! You have no clue what you're doing, you have no clue if you're doing it right or wrong and you know what… that's fine. You better hope for the love of god that your boyfriend truly loves you because obviously you won't win points in knowledge in this particular field overnight.

Step 3 : do it !

There are 1001 thoughts that will cross your mind, one of them would be that you don't know what you're doing nor how it'll make him feel. You'll be scared af, you're excited, stressed out, but at the same time, you won't think of something else,  your brain will completely be focused on this particular moment, on love, and desires full of soap bubbles that are fogging your mind.


In brief, maybe you told yourself 6 months ago that you'll end up like a crazy cat lady with 75 cats, that you'll never meet a guy who'd be okay with you being a virgin and respect you by waiting until you're ready, that you thought perhaps it would've been better to focus on your job than on love… well, today, you're on cloud9 because you've met someone that is great, someone who trust (and him, trusts you: win, win)! Because it's probably true that there's a big difference that lies between having sex and making love, that you don't want to have it done any other way than with your Prince Charming or with someone that respects you. I mean, yeah, I've waited a long time for this, but it was worth it.

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