We've already received our first snow fall of the year and seeing a few Christmas tree pictures on your Instagram feed. Living in denial isn't working out anymore, we're officially starting the holiday period!!! In the spirit, here's an article about gift ideas for gift exchange whether the latter happens with your family, friends or co-workers. I did a few list according on budgets (from 5$, 10$ 20$ to 30$), by trying to remains as much unisex as possible, because I know sometimes, when you're a secret Santa, you already know who you have to give your gift to, and some other times, it remains a mystery until the very end and make a game in order to give your gift. So might as well play the safe card here. 

5$ Budget

1. Bohemian crochet basket
It's cute and can also serve as a flower pot, storage basket for your bathroom, bedroom or even to store your tv remotes in the living room.

Available at Simons HERE.

plante décoration pot


2.Wapiti candle
I thought this candle was original and can fit in any home decor. Win win!

Available at Simons HERE.

chandelle animal wapiti



3. Original cookie cutters
Forget about those boring stars and heart cookie cutters. These ones are pretty outside of the box and fun to receive. Just a thought.

Available at IKEA HERE

emporte pièce ikea animaux


10$ budget

1.Washer coasters
First and foremost, we support local companies and secondly, these coasters are beyond dreamy

Available on Etsy, HERE.

rondelle bois décoration


2. Travel pouch containing 5 winter teas
Just a winning gift.

Available at David’s Tea HERE.

pochette davidstea thé


3.Box for utensils

Available at Simons HERE

pot ustensile décoration


20$ budget

An amazing Quebec based company to support that offers great quality products. 

Simply visit Trois fois par jour's website HERE

napperon dîner cuisine


2. Bread bag
Super cute and über practical, made by a local company: a BIG THUMBS UP. 

Visit Dans le sac's HERE.  

sac pain cuisine


3.Light string​
Because it's simply beautiful. 

Available at Zone Maison HERE.  

lumière décoration maison


30$ budget

1.Oatbox Box at 25$
This box contains two holiday granola bags (cranberry granola and dark chocolate and gingerbread granola) and an Oatbox glass jar. 

Availalbe at Oatbox HERE

boite cadeaux


For the cat lovers!

Available at  Zone Maison HERE

coussin chat maison



3.Save the planet one bite at a time with Bernard Lavallée
A French book to put on your bookshelves. 

For all sales points: it's HERE.

planète environnement livre


Are you guys inspired yet?

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