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Sometimes, you’ll find the strangest beauty trends when you’re cruising the internet. Today’s beauty trend topic is feather brows. Seriously. Beauty gurus around the world are sporting a new brow style inspired by feathers; bird feathers that is! Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist, launched the trend when she published the first ever photograph of her feather brow look on Instagram. The rest is history, so to speak. I kid you not, the #featherbrow is The Beauty Look.

Here are a few pics to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

sourcils plumes, sourcil, tendance beauté

Source : on Instagram

 sourcils plumes, tendance beauté

Source : @mai_chameleon on Instagram

 tendance beauté, sourcils, sourcils plume,

Source : @artistrybykacy on Instagram

I couldn’t help laughing out loud the first time I saw a feathered brow. Then again, I did try the glitter hair part look. After seeing everyone at Coachella sporting the newest beauty trend, I told myself I had to try it.

I decided to keep an open mind about the whole thing. Afterall, what did I have to lose? I’m pretty sure that the feather brow will make its appearance at festival and I think that’s great. That being said, I just had to try the look for myself!

The test:

Some people on the internet use all purpose glue (???) to create the look. I, however opted for Brow Fix by MUD.

The idea is to separate your brows horizontally; combing your brow hairs in opposite directions, to re-create the look of a feather. The whole process took me less than 30 seconds.

sourcils plumes, sourcils, tendance beauté sourcils plumes, tendance beauté

Alright, alright, I can hear you laughing from here. Psst, I’m laughing too! It’s pretty obvious that my eyebrows aren’t bushy enough to accomplish the look I’m going after.

I admit I gave the whole thing a half-hearted try and that I didn’t even bother wearing any eye makeup. Adding eye makeup just seems to make the whole look a little too over-the-top for me.

So, will I be sporting Osheaga’s feather brow any time soon? The answer is, no. However, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me about glitter hair parts!

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