I’ve long proclaimed my dislike of yoga, though not for lack of trying. I’m one of the least flexible people on THE ENTIRE PLANET. My body simply won’t bend. I can’t bend over and touch my toes without crouching and even that hurts. I’ve been told over and over again that that’s exactly why yoga is ideal for me. The problem is that it’s difficult to enjoy something when you’re the most incompetent student in the class; I can barely manage to assume any of the poses. I did take a yoga class last year and I really enjoyed it. This time, I’m determined to give it my best. I now try to take two classes a week. Here are 5 reasons why I’ve started enjoying yoga.

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1- Find the studio/instructor that’s right for you

I tried a lot of yoga studios before I finally found one I adore, and it’s right near home. The instructors are excellent and they take the time to ensure that every person can assume the various poses correctly, which is something I really appreciate given my lack of flexibility. My posture frequently needs to be adjusted and I like the fact that I can rely on someone to guide me. PS: A lot of studios will allow you to take one class free of charge which makes it possible to test-run several studios before deciding where to enroll for a membership or pay for a package deal.

2- There are several styles of yoga: find yours

There are several styles of yoga: power yoga, yogalates, bikram (hot yoga), and astanga, just to name a few. You don’t have to like all of them; nothing’s stopping you from trying them all before making a decision… or combining several!

3- There’s always an alternative

Any health problems you might have, be it a bad back or hip troubles, there exists an alternative for each yoga pose. It’s important to speak with the instructor so that suitable adjustments can be suggested or accessories, such as foam blocks, can be used to avoid doing further damage. That’s what’s so important to find an instructor who takes the time to listen.

4- You’ll rapidly see improvement

The important thing is to persevere. I still can’t do the split (lol) but I have hopes of improving my flexibility and posture over time. You’ll find that every session gets easier and easier.

5- It’s a great start to your day

I’ve always had trouble letting go; I tend to feel somewhat stressed most of the time. I’m also very tense. I discovered meditation about two years ago. I must confess that I tend meditate during particularly stressful periods only. I like that yoga, which I prefer to practice in the morning (7:15 at the studio, LET’S GO!), places a lot of emphasis on controlled breathing. Every session ends with a few minutes of meditation which is something I really like. Yoga makes it possible to start my day feeling more grounded.

So tell me, have I tempted you to give yoga a try?

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