I don’t like doing nothing. What I mean is: I simply cannot veg on the couch and enjoy watching TV for hours. I can’t stand sitting and doing nothing. I’m not someone who enjoys spending an entire weekend in pj’s.

I’m presently on maternity leave, impatiently awaiting the birth of my baby. In fact, this will be my second child. I’m already bored with being home. The housecleaning, dishes, laundry, it’s all done. I’ve read several books, caught up on my favourite television series, and am up to date with the people I follow on YouTube. I’ve been home for one week and I’m already bored.

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The idea of spending more than an hour at a spa does not appeal to me. I need to be active. I especially need to talk. The week I spent in Cuba seemed incredibly long. Yes, I could have gone on several excursions but a week spent eating, sleeping, drinking and lounging on the beach is definitely not for me. Binge-watching a Netflix series on my days off? NO WAY. I just can’t do it. Sleep in ’til noon? I don’t remember the last time I did that (not because I couldn’t do it but rather because I didn’t want to).

My brain never stops spinning and my need to learn is insatiable. I have chronic insomnia but that’s hardly surprising given the need to keep my mind busy at all times. When it comes to doing nothing, the most I can tolerate is a few short hours.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who has found herself in this situation. That being said, I know a lot of people would love to have time to do absolutely nothing. Several of my friends have tried convincing me that this is the best time of my life and that they envy me. If I could, I would gladly give them the time that I have to do nothing.

I feel awful when I haven’t “made something” of my day. I need to be doing something productive, useful or new. I realize that people have trouble understanding that some folks can’t stand doing nothing.

A few years ago, I took meditation workshops and yoga classes and I also tried Taichi. What did it get me in the end? A whole lot of frustration because everyone, except me, was able to concentrate and pour his/her energy into the “task at hand”.

I’ve finally made peace with myself and accepted the fact that I simply don’t like doing nothing. I can’t “do nothing”. And I accept it.

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