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I'll never say this enough, but I love fall fashion! I love its colours, patterns but most importantly, its textures. This year, more than ever, velvet is in fashion! We've seen it on the biggest catwalks, as much as for shoes than hats or even on dresses and blazers. 

Velvet brings a sophisticated touch to any outfits. The key here is to know how far you're willing to go, because you can easily end up like a character from an 80s tv series. Here are a few ideas to help you how to wear velour this autumn. 



Swapp your classic leather shoes for a velour one that will give that wow effect in an instant. 

chaussures, rouge, pantalons



Not only the latter will be ultra soft, velvet is an elegant and sexy fabric. Ideal to wear during a night out. 


robe, verte, femme


Top or blazer

A simple t-shirt quickly become the key item of your whole look when the latter is made of velour.

jupe, bourgogne, femme


Trousers or skirt

My work pants are almost all black. Opt for  velour trousers and you'll instantly get that little fantasy touch by remaining conventional for a workplace. 

pantalons, velour, femme



If wearing velour clothing might see too far out there for you, a great way to incorporate the trend to your look would be to opt for accessories instead. 

femme, boucle, velour


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