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You love it or not, we don’t really know what to wear or how to wear it… yes, I’m speaking of this infamous fake fur vest. Or wear the real thing, it’s as you wish, but I don’t wish to spark the debate on the matter. We see this vest very discreetly over the past two years, however, this fall, it has made a huge comeback! After all, the 70s inspired trend is the focal point of all fashion shows, meaning this vest has to be featured in every fashion  shows as well as on the sale floor of boutiques. Yahoo!

Vest like this one, you won’t be short on choices, I can tell you that much! It can come in different lengths, colors and prices. You can even obtain long or short hair! I shall show you different ways to wear and rock this fur vest during fall, starting now!

Over a dress : 

You can choose a t-shirt dress, a cute one or even something more chic. Regardless of the dress’ choice, a fake fur vest worn over it, it’s always a winner. I’m advising you to keep it simple (lace, layering fabrics or puffy sleeves, see what I mean? Don’t try to pair it with your prom or wedding dress. However, a dress with short or long sleeves or even a simple cami with only one color or a small pattern can be a great combination!

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Over a t-shirt/tank top : 

You wish to pimp your most basic and simple outfit? Love the white t-shirt and dark jeans duo but desire to add a little bit of fun? Add your fake fur vest! Regardless of the style, color, length, it will be a success! I’m strongly advising you to try with over a black or white t-shirt, it will give that wow effect! I feel that if worn over a pink t-shirt…. it won’t look as edgy!


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Over a blouse: 

For the ultimate fall look, try to wear the fake fur vest over a plaid shirt. It will look less chic but more casual. Or else, you can opt for a timeless option by pairing the vest with a vaporous white blouse (or black, go with how you’re feeling it). Simple, beautiful… like we love it!

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Over a sweater : 

Finally a more fall/winter look as you add your vest over a sweater regardless of the fabric. Something that looks warm in the end. You’ll be so comfortable and all set and ready for the cold season. A little hat will complete the look and make some heads turn.

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In conclusion, the most important thing, after knowing how to wear the fake fur vest with, is to own one. Here are a few websites I’ve chosen for you, you can click on them to be directed on the store’s website.


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