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You won’t learn anything if I tell you Autumn means the season of textures by excellence. Wool, suede, velour, leather, etc. make a whole list, they’re all there to embellish our outfits this season where we generally opt for neutral colors.

A trend I personally affectionate for awhile now is the quilted texture. Before, we used of seeing that texture on outerwear, however now, we can see this bad boy on everything: dress, skirt, tops, scarf, boots, etc., and it gives a little extra edge if you ask me. In fact, in our first  #EntreNousLC clothing collection, we created a quilted  skirt and crew neck that are über comfortable (which I wear pretty often this fall). Wearing a quilted pice will add edginess to any your outfits, but it’s also a great way to sport a monotone look without falling into the boring abyss.

In order to show yo u a few ways to wear quilted pieces, here are a few fashion inspirations:


We’re used of seeing quilt on coat lining, we may find it this season on vests and blazers. I find it breaks that formal vibe of the look and love the originality the latter procures.

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Probably the easiest way to wear quilted pieces this fall, by being present as a subtle touch or in a whole, are quilted tops and sweaters. I have to say it’s beautiful to look at and über comfortable. As mentioned above, I obsessively wear my grey #EntreNousLC crew neck and also a black sweater I found last year. If I wish to opt for a chic or casual outfit, the quilted crew neck works well. I only need to adjust the appropriated accessories according to the event.

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I’ll be honest here, I don’t wear skirts that often (I don’t want to say never here). I find it hard to wear one that fits my silhouette and I hate feeling confined and restricted in my movements. However, when I discovered by browsing on Pinterest, different quilted skirts, my opinion changed. I think what I love the most is how we can pair them with a simple t-shirt and still remains classy and elegant.

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What is great about quilt is the transformation from something plan to original. On a purse of booties for example, we’ll notice it for sure, it stands out from the lot and yet, remains easy to wear with everything at home. I also have a soft spot for quilted booties and there’s a high chance I might get some of my own this season.

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