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Cobalt blue is a colour I personally love nowadays when I’m shopping in general, but even more for jewelry. My closet mainly contains neutral colors such as white, grey and black. That way, the blue give a great pop of colour to any of my outfits, by remaining chic and timeless. I also get great comments whenever I step outside of the house. The best thing in all this, cobalt blue goes with pretty much anything, even with more crazy colors such as yellow, pink and turquoise, all popular colors for the hot season. Regardless of the season and fashion style, cobalt blue is still welcomed in my outfits. It suits everyone regardless of your hair color, your skin tone and the best news is to learn that this color is available in any stores at the moment. Anywho, all reasons are good to add this wonderful colour to your closet.

In the spirit to get your inspired during your next shopping session, here are a few ideas on how to wear cobalt blue.

At the office

Cobalt blue pants, skirts, blouses or blazers will become your best allies at the office or simply whenever you’ll love to obtain a chic outfit. I have a crush once I see cobalt blue paired with black and white.








Dinner and night out

The benefit for those of you, like me, who only swear by wearing neutral colors (or almost always), is the infinite possibilities to play with accessories. When I purchased my royal blue clutch  that was on sale this spring, I was clueless to the fact it’d give that much wow effect to any of my outfits. Now, the latter never leaves my side! Same goes for necklaces, bracelets or shoes that will add that vavavooom effect to your more sober outfits. Besides, no need to wear clothes with cobalt blue when you own the shoes!





Summer days and music festivals

A blue short was probably my most paid off purchase from last summer. This season again, I have the feeling the latter will serve me well! It’s simply perfect with any type of top. If not, cami, t-shirt, fringed clutch, all options are possible to wear with  cobalt blue shorts.




The Cheaper Version shopping list :

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On sale at 55,99 $ – Aldo


On sale at 19,98 $ – Call it Spring


29,95 $ – Dynamite


On sale at 49,98 $ – Call it Spring


44,95 $ – Dynamite


On sale at 20,99 $ – Aldo


29,95 $ – Dynamite

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