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Yahooooo! Spring has arrived and the running season has officially started. Many girlfriends of mine all desire to start running but are struggling since they don’t have the basic elements to fully enjoy and maintain this active lifestyle. I shall dedicate this article to those of you who are in that same category in order to educate you on what you should wear according to the weather!

Excuses are easy to find if you’re not in the mood to go for a run. Too cold, rainy, windy, humid, etc. I’m telling you, if you’re waiting for perfect conditions, you’ll never go out for a run! In addition, it is important to know how to run outside regardless of the weather since it has been known to be unpredictable, whether it’s a normal day or during a competition. My first half marathon of the season was at the end of May and I didn’t have any clues on what to expect temperature-wise. In this case, you have to be ready for anything! Here are my tips to help you run during spring and summer (because I feel that if I’m talking about winter right away, it could bring misfortune upon us)!

I’m singing in the rain!!

It would be safe to say we’ve been way too much spoiled with rainy days lately. When it’s light raining, running can be enjoyable and so as refreshing! There’s a mix of new odors and running in the rain could be a whole new experience that you might enjoy.

running in the rain

– Running with a small cap will keep your face rain-free even during a flood (alright, let’s say light rain!)

– If the weather is colder, add layers. The most important layer is the one closest to your body. Opt for a light fabric that will evacuate water and keep the sweats away. For the external layer, I’d advice you on wearing a windbreaker and waterproof jacket. Avoid waxed clothing since the fabric confines humidity and heat (also it will stick against your skin…).  On the other side, the fact of layering won’t mean you’ll stay dry during your run. You just need a few layers and by doing so, it won’t feel too heavy as well. A garbage bag would be a good alternative since you can throw it in the trashcan once the rain’s gone, just like our favorite heartthrob Bradley Cooper has done  in the past!

– Wear reflective tape, a rainy day also means reduced visibility!

– If it rains the day of your competition, wear older running shoes and keep a pair of dry socks in spare before you’ll start running. If the sky clears up, change your socks for the dry ones and you’ll feel ten times more comfortable!

–  Protect your electronic devices by using a Ziploc bag.

– Once back home, use newspaper to form little balls and put them in your shoes. By doing so, it will evacuate the humidity and it will help the shoes to keep its original shape.

Burning cocktail

One day, it’ll be a hot one I promise! So you need to be prepared for possible heat waves. I know this time of year, we all want to take everything off, but please or help me gold, keep your clothes on. Running in a sports bra or crop top can be attractive if you have an amazing shape, but believe me when I say, you’d feel less the heat if you cover yourself since that extra layer of clothing will protect you from dangerous UV rays.

– When the sun is out and shining in all of its glory, it is preferable to run before 10am and after 6pm in order to prevent those nasty sun’s radiations. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or even a cute baseball cap. Do not forget your sunscreen! Personally I use Ombrelle (even my cat likes it!) when I’m active and do sports, because this cream is damp-proof and won’t wear off because of your sweats. What an unpleasant moment it would be if the sweats get mixed with the sunscreen and therefore, land in your eyes!

2014-04-27 16.40.37

– Favor light colored clothes: they absorb less light and will keep your body’s temperature cool.

– I say “HELL NO” to cotton! It is certainly not the best fabric since it retains humidity and reduces any possibilities of water evaporation from your body. As it looses its flexibility when the fabric is wet, it can provoke irritations where the tissue touches your skin. You need to opt for a synthetic fabric , such as polyester or nylon.

During heat waves, don’t be a hero. Do cardio or your endurance exercises in your swimming pool or in a gym where the AC makes you feel like you’re running in a fridge. Running in this type of heat can be dangerous, but since some of you are a bit more tenacious and reckless, here are anyways my advices.



– Before a competition, have a 5 to 10 minute cold shower, do some light warm up exercises and go back in the shades to cool off.

– During the race, sprinkling yourself with water will help you save on sweating too much. You can also place ice cubes in your cap or run with a cooling neck brace. Toweling will also clean your skin from the minerals and  will accelerate the sweat evaporation process.

– Before and after the race, what is important during a heat wave is to stay hydrated; drink small amount of water every 15 minutes (more or less), where the hydration belt is more than recommended (available in all good sports stores such as Sports Expert). Some won’t care, but its necessity is absolutely essential. Here’s the less expensive I’ve found (and it has 4 bottles!).

– After your intensive run session, you can now immerse yourself in cold water to cool down your body temperature.


While in the process of writing this article, I’ve done my researches that allowed me to discover an app that has been a goddamn revelation for helping you in the process of finding clothes to wear according of the current weather on Android and iPhone that is called What should I wear running. You can select the temperature’s characteristics and the app will give you a few options on what to wear! Isn’t this wonderful?

This Website comes highly recommended. Here’s a simple chart that can also help you, even during winter (shuuuush…. don’t say it too loud). It is an American chart, therefore the temperatures are obviously in Farenheit, you can easily convert them back to our original Celsius degree system.



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