This year, will you partake in an ugly Christmas sweater event? You know, these events where everyone gather and wears the ugliest sweater he could find, perhaps a sweater you’ve even done yourself or by grandma, or even discovered in a secondhand clothing at the mere cost of a few well invested dollars. Ugly Christmas’ story isn’t a definite one, but in my opinion, I think it has started back in the 80s, you know, that era we try to forget fashionably speaking.

This year, Mondavi Private Selection wine are stepping in the party. Oh yeah. These bottle of wines are now wearing their own ugly Christmas sweater, meaning you can show up to that party and wear a matching set of ugly Christmas sweaters with you bottle.  In order for me to explain the whole concept, I had to play along and dress my bottle up, a perfect Mondavi’s Ugly Christmas sweater. I then sat at our reunion table back at the office with my wool sweater and winter accessory with a mission of decorating my sweater. Yes, it may sound weird, but my job makes me do crazy things. With this experience, I learned that having a Christmas sweater is fun, but to decorate it and making the 3d version, oh god, now let the fun begin! If you have many Christmas parties and have the occasion of wearing such a sweater, have fun by sticking holiday decoration, you’ll for sure be the highlight of the evening.

I also had lots of fun decoration this sweater, even if my eyes hurt… Also, since my sweater is two sizes too big for me, I challenged my coworker, Louis, to wear this sweater at our office Christmas party. To be continued…

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Here’s the final result: 
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These decorated bottles are now available at SAQ Sélection. A great hostess gift that will make everyone laugh, I’m pretty sure of it!

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*This article is sponsored by Robert Mondavi.

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