Sorry to break it down to you but, the Holidays are coming and for some, you may feel confused or lost and don’t even know what to ask Santa for Christmas. I’ve decided to make a list of perfect gift ideas for someone who thrives artistically. I mean art is a vague subject, it can go from anything. I personally studying in fashion design so anything that touches drawings, sowing, embroidery, I’m sold. We all have a creative persona that connects us all. Regardless if you play the piano or you’re a little Leonardo DaVinci, or love anything that touches architecture, dance, poetry, cinema, sculpture and the list goes on, here are a few ideas that will set you on a right path to find the perfect gift for that special someone.

A notebook: I can do the trick if you simply need to draw or note something after an idea comes into mind. Moreover, it has being said that beautiful notebooks inspire people to use it more often. Here’s one from Chapter’s Indigo.




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A few classes to practice your passion. If you wish to spend more time doing what inspires you, ask to register to classes. Painting, dancing, music, I mean the possibilities are endless.


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Software to develop. In my fashion design program, we mainly use Photoshop, Illustrator, which allows us to make computerized drawings. I also asked a few years back a subscription to their software program to my parents for Christmas. Best gift ever. If you love architecture or interior design, this would be perfect for you!


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Books to lear how to draw or biographies of people you admire from the art industry. Alright, I know today’s world with all of the technology and easy access to internet, there’s no more need to buy books in order to do a project. However, it’s always pleasant to have a 3d book that has lots of informations as a Christmas present.


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Tools that will serve you feed your creativity and imagination. If you love drawing, here are a few examples that will suit your needs: drawing book, Faber Castel pen…


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Why not get a documentary or learning DVD while you’re at it. Since I’m interested by fashion design, receiving a DVD on a great fashion house’s history or grand fashion designer would be fabulous.



Tickets for a concert: Doesn’t matter what type of concert or show.


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I hope these suggestions will help you out during your holiday shopping session.

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