It's well known, when us ladies wear red, we clearly stand out. I have the impression this is the reason why we tend to leave this color home. We're scared since people would assumed we're looking for attention. However, this is not what we wish for when we dress to the nines, we simply wish to stand out from the lot, am I right? I love a red dress, I find the latter gives that desired wow factor without having to add any accessories, the dress itself does all the work. 

On the 25th, I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend at my parents'. This is how we work around the 25 on my side of the family: celebrate Christmas' at the Dg and on Christmas Day at the NC. The Dg dress to the nines, we've always love to wear carefully detailed outfits, It's a tradition for us I imagine. However, as for my boyfriend's family, we still dress chic, but not to the same extreme. Tha way, I've chosen a maxi black dress from Elisa C-Rossow for the 24 and today's featured dress on Christmas Day. Even if the dress is in red, its modern and simple cut that goes all the way to the neck makes it a perfect attire for a holiday dress. Since this year, the mercury is giving us spring like weather, I guess I can even wear that dress without any nylons! Pretty crazy huh? I was pretty happy to run outside without any snow, but I still felt the magic of winter was missing, won't you agree? I guess Mother Nature decided to come at once to our Winterland party right before the New Years.


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I'm wearing

Dress: Chic Marie

Shoes: Browns

Nylons: Secret

Makeup: Virginie Rabanales

Stylist – Agence de style Chienne à Jacques

Photos – Michelle Gagné

Location: Lysanne Pépin

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