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I used to love this song called “Hello Seattle” from the band owl city, well today I am changing these lyrics for hello Toronto.  The reason is that two international retail stores said hello to Toronto this past September.  Since the arrival of Sacks fifth avenue in the  Toronto Eaton centre it has been nothing but good news with the opening of  numerous designer stores.  In the past two years the iconic downtown mall has took life again.  The closing of Sears made all these changes possible, I have nothing against Sears but it didn’t have its place in this downtown upper scale mall.  Many shops such as free the people, Shoo (by Steve Madden), oak+fort.. have opened and revamped the imagine of the mall.  Today I don’t want to talk about all these lovely boutiques; I wanted to concentrate this article on the two newest addition of the Toronto Eaton centre:  Nordstrom and Uniqlo.  

I first encountered Nordstrom a few years ago on one of my numerous trip to the states.  As you all know I am a shopaholic and Nordstrom has this fashionable appeal to it and all that before even walking in the store.  It’s like I could just sense that it would be my kind of place.  Honestly if I could compare it to a Canadian store (even though I know it is american owned now) I would say that it is really similar to the Hudson Bay company.  Now I just hope these two stores won’t be in competition because they are at opposite sides of the eaton centre.  Overall, if you have a chance to visit the downtown Toronto Nordstrom, do, it is a very nice store, very bright and appealing to customers.  My favourite department would be the cosmetics which is located at the main entry of the store because of the aesthetic, it is very appealing and different then most retail stores.  I would describe the cosmetic area as friendly and well presented in order to let you discover new products.  Overall, their fall and winter merchandise/collection is hard to resist so visit this store with a full wallet because you won’t leave empty handed. 

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Uniqlo is a Japanese retail store which sales everyday wear.  I have been to Japan and if all my readers had been in this country I could simply describe the store as being exactly like Japan and you would understand.  But for those of you that haven’t visited this amazing country I will go more in dept with my explanation.  Uniqlo is a very sleek, organized, simple store.  I know I have shared my experience at “Muji”(Japanese retail store)  with you guys before and the experience while browsing in both stores is very similar.  These two Japanese retail stores don’t sale the same merchandise, at all, but as a customer you do  have the same zen feeling while shopping in both.  The Uniqlo store that just opened a week ago in Toronto isn’t so zen at the moment because after a week of being open there is still a huge line up to get in, but then again they do control the traffic in the store which doesn’t ruined the experience of first timers.  I would say that the prices are pretty similar to the original stores based  in Japan and it is reasonably priced for quality clothing.     

Now that these amazing retail stores have made it to our city I cant wait for Nordstrom rack and sacks fifth off to find a home in the area. Those two stores are the discounted versions of Nordstrom and Sacks.  I also can’t wait to see the full finished renovation in our beautiful downtown mall. Happy shopping.

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