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Alright everyone, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I just can’t wait (I mean I’m such a chocoholic, it’s becoming a problem). I don’t know if I’m the only one, maybe it’s because I studied theatre, but I’ll jump at any occasion to dress up and take my outfit to the next level, and Valentine’s Day happens to be one of them. Now last week I wrote an article giving you guys some makeup ideas (click here if you’re in need of inspiration!) but no outfit is complete without the perfect hairdo! So, here are some ideas for you to try out on the special day!


Half Bun

loose half bun

Source: Youtube

Source : Chic-n-Luxury

This look became super popular last year and is still trending hard! You can wear it low and messy for a more romantic feel, or sleek and high for that edgy look. The best part? You don’t need a ton of hair to rock this look! However, if you’re looking to create a fuller bun, try using a bun shaper (also known as a donut ). They come in various sizes and colors so you’re sure to find your match!




Source: OnceWed

Side Braid

Source : Byrdie

When it comes to braids, the possibilities are endless: French braids, fish tails, on the side, high up, messy and loose, sleek and tight, and so on. I just love the look of a long loosened up side braid: it’s so elegant and chic! If however you don’t have long enough (or thick enough…I feel you) hair for that, try to create a braid out of a small section of your hair and incorporate it in your ‘do (it puts a more modern twist on it).


Braids and Buns

big braided bun, elegant hairstyle 2

Source: All Day Chic


Source : Girlshue

We’ve talked about buns, and we’ve talked about braids which are both stunning looks so it’s no surprise that the combination of these two would result in such exquisite hairdos! I think this look is perfect if you have a date or a chic diner out with your girls. You can keep it sleek and chic or go messy with some accessories for a more boho look.


Romantic Curls

Curls with Long Side Part

Source : Pretty Designs

Romantic curls

Source : Clip Hair

If you want to keep things simple with a hairdo that can be both sweet and sexy than look no further than romantic curls! It’s effortless, easy to do and will definitely get you in that Victoria Secret Angel mood: Perfect if you want that sexy someone to remember you.


Hair Ornaments

Spring/ Summer 2016 Hair Accessory Trends: Gilded Hair Accessories

Source: Fashionisers

At this year’s spring fashion show, hair accessories made a huge comeback! It will definitely take your hair style up to the next level and is so easy to incorporate in any of the previous hairdos (I mean how gorgeous is that golden flower clip!?)

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and that you get to spend it with the people you love whether it be your significant other, your family or your friends!


Which of these looks will you be trying out? Let me know in the comment section bellow! 


Cover Photo Source: The Guardian

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