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Today I had my heart broken; I discovered that some of my girlfriends don't like glitter. I have to confess, I'm of those who LOOOOOVVES glitter, sequins, sparkles, you name it, I just love it! I won't discriminate anything that shines. That say, I listened to what my friends -who hate glitter- have to say and tried to understand how it was possible to hate these little sparkling things that bring a hint of magic to our everyday life. And as one of my friends would put it: it reflects star dust! So how come there are people who can't stand it? Anyways, it will be through this article that we will discover all together the beauty, but also the failures of these little world wonders. 

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Jeans & glitter

For me, this mix is heaven-like. A mix between a raw element with a more refined one creates a nice impact and then these are the combinations you can create for any type of occasions, such as in your daily life or even during the Holidays or for a night out in general. My friend Marie (shout out girl!!!), studies fashion and according to her, glitter looks cheap when the item wasn't created by a designer. Personally, the idea of combining these two elements tons down the bad quality piece aura. Won't you agree?

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On New Years Eve, there is a non written law that says we have to wear sequins and on my part, it makes me pretty damn happy. Just thinking about it, I'm smiling! Then, as each year comes to an end, I always shop for a new party dress in order to proudly strut down the street with my pink hair and my new acquired killer shiny dress.

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During the holiday season, now's the time to have some fun and try new things makeup-wise! Whether you're one of those who loves to explore or simply stay with a natural look, there are tons of ways to work with glitter all in  moderation. 

The natural

I'm the type of girl who has to add an extra hour just to apply a simply line of liquid eyeliner since my face counts two eyes and it literally becomes a project that lasts many hours. That say, simplicity with my makeup is what I try to opt for. A delicate makeup with a subtle frivolous touch creates all that needed simplicity. 

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Fashion enthusiast

For our fashionista who follows religiously all fashion designers and loves being fashion-foward; I mean, you probably know this by now, but Dior was able to succeed in creating an elegant shiny makeup! But let me tell you, if you re-create this makeup, mad props to you! Personally, if I see a girl with a fair skin complexion with a killer fashion style who loves to push fashion boundaries through what she wears: Holy Cow I'm in love! But outside of a fashion photo shoot, I strongly think you'll never see me sporting that kind of look, even if my love for sequins is that strong. 

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Beauty trends

Nowadays, we have been graced by a new beauty trend that was pretty interesting to say the least; the beard and the sparkly regrowth. These two social media movements started through bloggers who were as extravangant and creative from one another. 

Shiny beard

The Gay Beards loves creating new beauty trends with their beards that are all goofy as impressive. They constantly bring new ideas. Known under the #GlitterBead hashtag on Instagram, the hair of our bearded men were elligible to experience a bit of magic. Do we love it? I like it. For a whole night? Hum… I don't think so but I'll be down for a fashion photo shoot. 

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The shiny regrowth 

Before I had my hair did in pink, my opinion of this trend quickly appeared on my Facebook page. First and foremost, I thought it looked like that one thing we all fear: dandruff! And I've got to say that my opinion hasn't changed ever since. 

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Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I'm allowing myself to play with glitter. Whether it is with a statement necklace, or a shiny skirt, top or even a dress, sequins are for me a representation of my unicorn side. It instantly puts a smile on my face and I'm totally confident with it. And I won't lie to you, but my Pinterest board is filled with fashion pictures in which clothes are simply overfilled with sparkles. Because in truth, sequins rimes with festive, happiness and it creates a great visual impact. At least, that's what I think (I'm still dealing over a heartbreak from my friends' hate for glitter). Without forgetting to mention a few DIY elements in decoration where a few sparkling details bring once again a hint of happiness into our everyday life that is often boring. And what about you, please do tell me if you are thinking of wearing sequins over New Years Eve? 


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