How about we talk about Instagram for a minute. Between you and me, you don't need to go back and forth to your local drugstore in order to develop a film so that you can decorate 45-page scrapbook with family pictures! We live in a generation that thrives on technology and all thanks to Instagram, we now have access to a virtual photo album without spending a dime. At the blog's HQ, we try to diversify our content and share our daily routine through representative pictures. We're inviting you to follow us during our journey by opening our doors to you as showcasing what LeCahier is all about using Instagram. 

One after the other we share the task of feeding our feed using only the best photographs. Might as well take a moment to thank our cellphone that allows us to take amazing pictures during promotional events and products in real time without mentioning in having access to the internet in order to share our photos with you.

It's no secret if we tell you that we wish to post the best picture in order to obtain the most "like" as possible, which at times may be risky… Scrapbooking was a less risky option back in the day… I'm just kidding, however, if you've part of the mere mortals who've broken at least once the glass of their beloved cell phones and live to tell the tale, and are in dying need of a new phone, we have a giveaway just for you on your French alter ego Instagram page  @bloglecahier. You could win a brand new smart phone HTC ONE A9, which takes high definition pictures with color resolution that is 40% more efficient than a regular LCD screen, an opportunity to make creative videos with an amazing sound quality!

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Go and take a look on our  FRENCH ALTER EGO INSTAGRAM PAGE @BLOGLECAHIER, follow the blog and write your worst experience with having a broken glass phone and tag two friends to spread the news! We'll choose a winner this Wednesday on February 17th 2016. 


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