Singer and actress, the beautiful Katerina Graham is an individual whom I admire for her talent but most importantly for her fashion style. Even if she’s my favorite character in The Vampire Diaries, her character doesn’t that an eccentric fashion style like she normally does. Textures, fabrics, colors, contrasts… Everything goes. She’s out there yet original. She doesn’t shy away from pairing different styles altogether and she’s one to watch in my opinion. Moreover she’s a real style chameleon by constantly changing her hair color. I love that.


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A blazer and short, I’m not too much of a fan but here, her outfit is in pastel…. that I’m sold. Still looks pretty masculine but has a cute feminine touch. I have a soft spot for the clutch.


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Love this outfit, after thinking about it, I should’ve put this one as my number one. But I won’t move it. Champagne on her looks amazing. She looks like a princess. What can I say about the shoes? So trendy and look at her shoulder pads. I won’t be able to pull this off if you ask me.


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Colorful like I love it! She sure knows how to master colors. The length is perfect.

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The skirt isn’t that flattering but I have a soft spot for the mixing of styles here. Bomber jacket with a bustier top and crazy ass shoes… So cool. It’s edgy and daring.


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I just want to scream AMEN when my eyes locked on this outfit. Love the one-piece. It is absolutely bananas. I love the décolleté. Paired with a simpler blazer worn over the shoulder is so classy. She reminds me a little bit of Mel B (my favorite Spice Girl). I have to admit here I’m a big fan of everything cream/silver.

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