Nasty Gal. Sophia Amoruso. Netflix. Rings a bell? Well, there’s now a tv series available on Netflix telling Amoruso’s story about the birth of her website/career; which is according to my humble opinion, really good! Here’s why: 

  1. The main character, Sophia, is a fucking mess and we love that. It’s always a treat to see someone struggling as much as you do.
  2. It’s a feel-good series and allows you to unwind after a long day, plus it’s perfect with a vodka-cranberry on a Tuesday night. You get a bit tipsy, minus a UTI. #KeyOfHappinnes
  3. Each episode are 25 minutes long which means you won’t have to stay up all night and sacrifice your precious sleep if ever you wish to watch the entire first season in one sitting. #SleepingBeauty
  4. The series was loosely based on Sophia Amoruso’s book #Girlboss, but fret not, you don’t have to read the book in order to watch the show… the girl doesn’t die at the end either.
  5. Clearly the only time you’ll see RuPaul without wearing any makeup or gown. And if you have no clue who RuPaul is… guuuurl… you clearly don’t have any gay friends.
  6. Britt Robertson is amazing.
  7. The show doesn’t focus on only one sole thing. The storyline revolves around fashion, love, fights between BFFs, gays and also “adulting” problems; that say  when one doesn’t have health insurance for example.
  8. To be honest, this show will give you some much needed motivation in order to pursuit your dreams, to get your shit together and move forward whatever is down the line.
  9. The soundtrack is mental!
  10. Just watch it, because in the end we know this just another way to procrastinate regardless of what you have to do. And only God knows that you excels at procrastination. Do you need another reason to watch this show? Just do me a favour, watch it. #YouCanThankMeLater

Enjoy kitty girl xx

Source : Youtube

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