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Jenny Walton's fashion style, illustrator and fashion editor for The Sartorialist and this week's "it girl", is a real delight and easy on the eye. Inspired by everything vintage and feminine, Jenny knows how to stand out among all those "street-style celebrities" with her natural fashion style and her individualism. 

Walton grew up in New Jersey and spent her childhood playing outside and crafting with her mom and two sisters. She learnt to sow and do embroidery from a young age, yet it's only in high school that she developed an interest for fashion. With arts and sowing classes, she became fascinated with how people dealt with fashion and what brought them to choose an #ootd that will be shown to the entire world. She translated everything that went through her imagination with illustrations, which she still does today through her blog Marker and Microns.

Jenny Walter

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jenny walton

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Graduated from Parsons School of Design, Jenny Walton now works as a freelance clothing designer for brands such as Calypso St-Barths and Anthropologie. She now wishes to pursue working as an independent fashion designer by working in collaboration with well-known brand as well as keeping touch in various clusters of fashion. She recently took the job as fashion editor for Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist. Business partners and life partners, I'm convinced that together, this photographer and his muse will know to translate their love for fashion in its true form, that say, in a real artistic form.

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The quality I admire the most from Jenny Walton is her ability to create versatile, vintage and unique looks… with her own clothes! Yes, this is a reality that is omnipresent in the  fashion industry. The majority of fashion bloggers and "street-style" celebrities wear pieces that were given to them or lent by designers in order to obtain publicity and visibility (bloggers have become poster girls in a way), yet Jenny Walton isn't part of that group. She regularly wears the same pieces, but in a different ways each time. It's the case with her splendid metallic skirt that she wears with Converse and other times in a complete 40s vibe with a worn caramel purse. Each look is completed with amazing statement earrings and her hair up. The girl's got style.

Jenny Walton Milan

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It's a real delight to browse to her pictures, I'm inviting you to discover this young woman who is for me, a real fashion influencer and source of inspiration.

jenny walton all black

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jenny walton book

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Jenny Walton

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