We love our people; family and friends but sometimes we just don’t know what to get them for the holidays.  Shopping for gifts shouldn’t feel like a chore but bring us that sense of happiness knowing that we will be able to please the people we love.  Today I wanted to inspire you with some local Canadian ideas.  I know that I keep my holiday shopping for the last minute because I just don’t feel in the spirit until it really hits me and it’s a bit late.  So today I will share three ideas that are online shopping friendly for those busy bees.

For the Women in Your Life

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I’ve spoken about this brand before but I feel the need to share my love for them once again.  Rocking vibe is a Toronto jewelry company and I love them for the uniqueness of their designs.  They have a variety of jewelry made out of precious stones.   Needless to say, that each design has their own unique touch since they are all made out of different pieces of stones.  I love the fact that each jewelry has its own name and meaning.  I came to know Liana the designer and owner of the company and she is a real artist.  Again when purchasing a gift for a special someone, we would like to get them the moon but our wallet can’t always do so.  The rocking vibe collection is affordable quality goods.  They have a variety of jewelry for every age group and style.

For the men in your life

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I find that the way to win men’s hearts is by offering them a funny or useful gifts.  As a girly girl it’s hard to know what can be a manly useful gift.  I could always ask the man in question what he would like for the holidays but I hate asking someone what they want (I love surprise, hence why I love to surprise).  Seeing the pleasant surprise in someone’s eyes after opening one of my gifts brings a feeling of joy.  All this to say that I recently fell in love with this Montreal brand called Pony MTL.  Being from Montreal some of their clothing are more Symbolic to the Greater Montreal population but they also have a lot of funny or Canadian themed items sweatshirts, T-shirts, underwear… Again everything can be purchased online in the comfort of your home.  Everything is reasonably priced and has a funny meaning to it.  I love when people giggle while opening their gift.  Obviously this could be the perfect gift for a woman but it made me think of the guys in my life hence why I categorised it as men gifts.

For the friends in your life

Why not treat them to a day well spent together? Not to long ago I came to Montreal to visit one of my best friends and we spent the day treating ourselves. My favourite part was going to the spa.  We spent at least three hours relaxing and chit chatting at the pools.  Sometimes we end up giving our friends things they don’t really need or want but this is an experience and time well spent in good company.  Spa days are usually reasonable (average of 40$ each) and pleasant for a stressful time such as the holiday.  For this activity I have no website in particular to share with you guys because depending on what region you live in it will be a different spa.  Again this is a stress-free shopping experience that can be done at home or simply at the check-in desk of the spa where they offer gift certificates.  Very important: don’t just write it in the card because we all know it will never happen, buying the certificate shows that you are serious about this girl bonding time.

I hope I was able to inspire you for this holiday season. And if you are a last-minute Christmas shopper maybe I was able to take some stress off your shoulder.  Now go get your credit card, a warm glass of eggnog, sit back, relax and shop.

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