You probably think I'm living in this world of unicorns and rainbows, but the more I mature, the more I try to eliminate all the negativity in my life. And when I say this, I say everywhere, in each part of my life. I notice how younger, when I had my teenage crisis and the following  years, I had the tendency of looking for trouble, I wasn't scared of confrontation and say what I didn't like, even if I was stubborn or was right or not. 

Now, I won't want to put my energy on negativity. I'm against a fight, don't like confrontation, don't like negativity, and it stops there. Someone hates me? Well might as well hate me and put your time and energy by doing so but I seriously do not want to know about it. An acquaintance tries to make me feel out of place?  I'm not scared of kicking her out of my life. Life is too short to spend time with someone who downgrades and despises you. 

It's clear that I'm one of those who you can call a TV personality, I'm trying to say this in the most humble way possible. What I'm trying to say here is that by posting videos on YouTube, I accept the fact that people will read my articles, will see my pictures and learn about me through the web. I know I won't be liked by everybody. We have our flaws and weakness. In an abstract way, it's pretty easy to accept the fact not everyone will love us. It's when you go into direct comments and rumors that it becomes difficult to manage emotionally. I realize that it's not easy to have a strong character to order to move forward and not get that negativity get to your head. It's the case for those tv personalities, but also to anyone in any given community regardless of your field. In a work environment, flatsharing, with your family, there will always be disputes, people where it won't click, it's that simple. You need to be able to look onwards and move on, to accept that and to love oneself above anything else and look for way to become a better individual without aiming for perfection, since the latter doesn't exist. Evidently when a conflict appears, you need to know how to put an end to it, but I believe you should put your ego aside, since everything would end way faster and you'll be able to focus on the positive right away. 

I'm trying to not spend time nor energy to not love someone. We love bitching, us humans, to speak in someone's back, gossiping. It happens to me as well, I'll admit, but I try to work on that since in the end, it's pointless. That's not spending time trying to enjoy life, working on an amazing and motivating project, to appreciate the company's of someone you love. Why not concentrate yourself on the positive. We'll feel better. What do you guys think about that?


I'm wearing:
Blouse: Marshall's
Jeans: Free People
Jewelry: Boucle d'or
Sungasses: Atelier 78 chez Doyle
Shoes: Sanuk
Photos by: Andrée-Anne Joly

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