Am I the only person who finds a new passion every week? I’m the kind of girl who is highly susceptible to suggestion and it bugs the crap out of me. I’m prone to following the trends that appear in my Instagram feed and I have trouble staying true to myself. I’ll get up on a Monday morning and want to go backpacking on the other side of the world (although I’m not much of a traveller). On Tuesday, I might go into full-on blogger mode, sharing photos of everything I eat, thinking I’m cool. The following day, I might feel athletic, scheduling two yoga classes a day and four hikes in the mountains. By Thursday, I’ve likely forgotten my fitness resolutions of the previous day, concentrating instead on afterwork drinks. At this point, you probably won’t be in the least bit surprised that on Friday, I’ll most likely complete several personality quizzes in an effort to figure out what my future holds.

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It can be pretty darn tiresome, after a while, to set goals for yourself based upon the goals of others. Problem is, those people reek of success which makes it all the harder to “just” be you. Anyhoo, it had to STOP. I needed to figure out who I am and what my purpose might be. I started listening to that little voice in my head but I didn’t like what I was hearing, at first. Not knowing what life had in store for me seemed like the end of the world. What would one day motivate me upon waking? I kept comparing myself to everyone else and found myself lacking. None of it was good for morale.


Finally, after realigning my chakras a couple of times a week (as I stretched out on my yoga mat), my quest for normality began to fade along with the gravity I had placed on an unknown future. Incidentally (?), I found a kind of inner peace that I had never felt before when I put my cell phone on Mute. It was in those quiet moments that I found my passion. Some people find theirs early in life (I obviously wasn’t one of those). Anyhow, WHO CARES ?! What really matters, in the end, is doing whatever matters most to you. I promise that you’ll figure things out when the time is right. Googling “Jobs in 2018” won’t suddenly enlighten you. You won’t find your future in a deck of tarot cards. Listen to your inner voice and savour life’s little pleasures. Trust me, the grass isn’t greener on the other side.


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