Even if I spend most of my day being in front of my keyboard, writing articles, collaborations propositions, projects, I love when as soon as the sun has set to take a step back from the digital world and see my friends. Evidently, you could guess how most of my friends aren't bloggers and don't at all understand my work. Indeed, they listen, they're curious, but the blogosphere is a complex subject with its own workings. I've been in the field since 2008, since my college years, where I started writing articles on WordPress, I've been documenting my life since then. It isn't my friends' calling and I'm good with that. At times I tell myself how crazy it is, how my work is uncommon but I love it and everything that follows. That say, I love being able to exchange and have a conversation with other individuals who share my professional interests and understand my lifestyle. Even if I bump into other bloggers during press events, rare are moments where I truly take time to sit down and talk about my career. I mean, you won't do that standing up in a crowd during happy hour. When  Palm Bay invited us, 6 girls, to a private event, I didn't know I'd have this much fun. I didn't know the other girls or knew we'd sit down at a table to chat about our work field and about the local blogosphere as well as the international one. It was surprising and a real delight.

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I don't know if you're like me, but regardless of your work field, we can at times feel lonely, and yet have the impression that things only happen to us. Then, we talk about the latter, and we notice how others may have lived a similar situation and found different solutions to overcome the problem. Helping one another is a powerful thing. 


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What I truly loved about my evening was, yes, the event was planned by Palm Bay, but us 6: Gabrielle, Julia, Sarah, Chloé, Vanessa and I were able to enjoy ourselves, it was a successful true girls night. We had fun and took lots of pictures, we had snacks and sipped on an amazing glass of Palm Bay (my favourite was the grapefruit one), but most importantly, we chatted all night long. Without looking at the time, we spent our night getting to know one another. It's crazy how we can bump into that one same person a million times before and really get to know her during a sit-in event and discover how sweet and friendly she truly is. I'm sure you've all had that feeling at some point in your life. It's like that person went from an acquaintance to a friend in just a few hours. Crazy eh?


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Would you like to follow other crazy evenings like this one? Don't be shy to browse social medias using this following hashtag:  #SignéPalmBay! You'll see other great pictures taken by the other exceptional ladies. 



* Sponsored article by Palm Bay, however the views and opinion are my own

** Please drink responsibly

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