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Nail art is a huge beauty trend that’s always been around but really came through in 2012. I remember when its popularity skyrocketed into the fashion world and we just couldn’t get enough of these crazy, detailed designs, even red carpet events had their own Mani-cams!

Nail art is now shifting away from complicated intricate looks and moving towards more subtle and sophisticated designs, and boy does it look good. Here are a few 2015 nail trends that I’m lovin’ right now and are sure to get your tips noticed! XD

embedded erin fetherston spring nail trends Spring 2015: Nail Art And Nail Color Trends

source: laddiez

Classy Acrylic Nails wallpaper

source: acrylicnaildesigns99

This Striped nail look was first seen at the London Spring 2015 Fashion Week and has gained popularity ever since. It’s super classy and modern. Keep it simple or get creative with some graphic designs!

KISS and Broadway Nails for Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2015 with lead Gina Edwards - photo by Luzena Adams LR1 (700 x 467)

source: styleonmain

Speaking of graphic designs, geometric shapes are having quite a moment right now! Time to take out those nail art pens (or use a toothpick dipped in your favorite shade ^_^) and start drawing away those diamonds, squares and criss-crosses.

Spring nail art ideas

source: beautytidbits

Looking for something more edgy? Well look no further : whether it be gold or silver, incorporating a metallic polish in your nail art will give you a modern, fierce look that will go perfectly with those metallic flash tattoos (another popular trend you need to check out if you haven’t yet :P).


source: fashionsy

50 Stunning Half Moon Nail Designs

source: callinamarie

If you’re on Instagram as much as I am, you probably know that the half-moon design is a must try for this season. This look is quite simple to create (use the same stencil stickers you would for a french manicure) and super sophisticated. Definitely the kind of nail art I would wear to a wedding or any fancy event (I think any excuse to wear this gorgeous look is a good excuse XD).

Essie Spring 2015 Collection Part I: Review and Swatches

source: thehappysloths

Of course you can always wear just one shade of nail polish (effortlessly classy ^_^ ). This season, nude shades, whites, tangerines, teals and magentas are all colors you’ll want to be sporting.

nails at Charlotte ronson new york spring 2015

source: sonailicious

Best Designs Negative Space Nail Art Designs Collection For Girls 2015 (11)

source: pkfashiontrend

And of course I kept the best for last! This look could been seen all over the runways at this year’s New York Spring Fashion Week, I’m talking of course about the negative space nail art! If there is any nail trend you ought to be trying this season, it’s this one. The whole point here is to deliberately leave empty space on your nails by creating half-moon designs, stripes, triangles, you choose!

Which nail trend will you be trying out this season? Let me know in the comment section bellow! :D



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