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Imagine this: there’s this special event you’ve been waiting for all summer and for which you've planned your entire outfit down to the smallest detail: everything’s going to be perfect!

The day finally comes, you get dressed, do your hair, you’re rocking a hot red lip and you’re ready to slay! You make you’re entrance, get that glass of champagne (or wine, whatever you fancy) and sip away as you chit chat your way around. Eventually you get yourself to the ladies room for a quick touch up. That’s when you see it. The horror! Your sipping has reduced your sexy pout to nothing more than an unattractive red outline. Nowadays, of course this situation is avoidable if you can get your hands on a good quality matte liquid lipstick. However, not everyone necessarily wants a matte finish (and we all have that one lipstick that gets everywhere, but we can’t part with because the shade is just too pretty). That’s why I’m going to give you 5 simple steps to transform you’re messy lipstick into a budge proof one!


1. Line your lips and fill them in.

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Using a lipliner of the same colour as your lipstick will create a more precise shape for your pout (which looks a lot more neat) and'll prevent your lipstick from feathering out (meaning it won’t go beyond the limits you’ve set). Next thing you want to do is fill in your lips with that same lipliner. This’ll give a better surface for your lipstick to grab on and stay put (and if ever it rubs off, you’ll still have a certain base color).


2. Put on your lipstick.

Time to take out that extravagant colour and swipe it on! Make sure it’s everywhere and be careful to not go beyond the limits you've set with the lipliner. Some of my favorite shades to sport right now are burgundy (so edgy and will be a must for fall), fuchsia, hot orange, and bright red (it’s a classic you can never go wrong with).


3. Blot


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Take a piece of tissue paper, fold it in two, put the fold between your top and bottom lips and press them together to dab off the excess product and press the pigments into your lips. 


4. Reapply

Now that you have two solid layers of colour (the lipliner and the pressed lipstick) reapply your lipstick once more for some extra pigments at the center of your lips which is where the colour is more likely to come off and is also the area where the blotting removed most of the product.


5. Q-tip trick

Nobody wants top rock a bold smile with lipstick on their teeth (not cute). Everyone knows about the trick where you suck on your thumb to remove any lipstick that could potentially transfer onto your teeth but I personally find that technic to be quite messy and annoying (some lipsticks are hard to rub off and if I’m wearing white, that’s a no-no!) So, instead, just take out a Q-tip and use both side to run along the inside of your upper and lower lip in an O shape (no mess and your teeth will be clean)!


Follow these step and you can bet those bold colours won’t budge!

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