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Imagine then that the 2.0 era in which we live, there is now a new hair gadget  that will save you time and obviously fulfilled its function automatically.

I present the KISS  InstaWave. A curling iron to curl your hair locks automatically and gives you a perfect result!



For the good of the thing, I dared to share my experience through a small DIY type of video in the comfort of my apartment. At first, when I analyzed it quickly curling iron, I thought, “Oh my god, a real plan for me curl my hair like a pro.” So I tried iron 2-3 times before I recorded it.

Taken by a sense of insecurity, I had to wait until my third time using the Kiss InstaWave to film me, because I confess that after the first time it has been SUPER and it gave a SUPER result!

Why do I love it?

At first, I was girl who NEVER curled her hair, but still love the look of it. I have had long and straight hair for awhile now. And even still, I would love to curl my hair, but I’ve never had 45 minutes to do it to curl each part of my hair for the optimal results.

But in the end, the KISS InstaWave proves to be efficient, quick, and safe.

Let me explain:

– I LOVE the size of the curls

– It is fast, my DIY video took only 18 minutes

-And it proves to me that styling my hair does not have to be a pain

Here is how to curl your hair with the KISS InstaWave:

STEP #1 

If you have hair like mine or provided only that, you like doing things right, do it in stages.


Install your lock of hair (to the desired level where you want the curl to begins) behind the plastic pallet that rotates.

Palette de plastique #1

Rotate the plastic tip, that will turn your hair around the hot iron. It’s when you do not need … TO DO ANYTHING. Depending on the side of your head, try to keep the same direction of the curl. On my video, my head left I run my curls to the left, head straight for my part, I’m running my curls to the right.

Faire enrouler la mèche #2

Fun fact #1: Since the plastic tip turns your hair around the iron, your hair is much less damaged than with another iron as there is no pressure exerted on the hair.

Fun fact #2: When you feel your hair  seems to want to get stuck in between, keep hope, the Kiss InstaWave will sort it all for you by continuing to turn on itself, trust. Otherwise, press the opposite direction arrow to scroll the untangle gently.

faire toutes les mèches #3


This is only an addition to the hairstyle since I prefer this look. If you wish, gently brush your curles to give a more natural look to your hair and more uniform.

Brosser ses cheveux #4


la fin #5


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