Dear gentlemen, I'm addressing you. I recently realized you guys developed a slight carelessness gallantry side nowadays. I'm not to lecture you, not at all. I simply thought, I should take this opportunity to give you a few hints on improving your seduction techniques in life and on social medias. The emergence of new media has caused a radical change in the way we communicate. Now, it has become a rare thing to meet people the old fashioned way. I admit that most of my dates in recent years have been created through social networks. If it weren't from those apps and social media, my sex life would now be nonexistent. Although there are several benefits to meet potential dates using these new applications, I'm quite often disappointed by the poor quality of relationships I end up living with. But nothing is lost, and if you follow my tips, your chances will increase.


1-Careful with grammar mistakes

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I'll admit being a bit anal when it comes down to texting with a prospect. Not all girls have the same linguistic standard, but please, a minimum of effort is gladly welcomed. Your phone has an auto-correct? Use it. As for me, there's a direct correlation between a refined writing style to a sophisticated life. For the love of god, READ YOUR TEXTS BEFORE YOU SEND THEM. Moreover, if the receiver can't read your text, more the reason of why you didn't get a text back. 

2- No pet names 

If a guy talks to me on an app, it obviously means we don't know ourselves in the real world, in other word, he doesn't have my phone number. And if we don't know each other, I find it hard to believe that being call "honey" or "babe" is normal or natural I should say. It's almost disrespectful. We have a name, it's usually on our profile so why not use it if you wish to get our attention. It'll work ten times better than "babe" believe me.


3- Ask her out!

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There is no fun in maintaining a relationship by text. After awhile, the girl will have enough of you and will simply stop replying to your messages. If you never had the intention to ask her out, just don't bother texting the girl. An activity, regardless of the kind of activity should be brought to the table or suggested during the first or second time you guys would be talking. And just know that if the girl doesn't say yes right away, chances are slim she'll ever change it back. So on to the next one!

4- Your daily life is boring

Sorry to break this down to you, but your daily choirs don't figure on our preoccupation list. We have friends, a job, a family and free time. Obviously, if you want to plan a date, we want you to text us. But aside of that, we don't want to know every time you do something. Being mysterious is sexy, that say, you'll also have more material to talk about during your first date.

5- A "Like" won't make you slide into our bed

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Gentlemen, we notice it when you "liked" a post that was published about 77 weeks ago. It's flattering, thank you. But keep in mind that those spontaneous "likes" rarely make you want to jump you. If you wish to be noticed, the best way is to simply ask the girl out on a date.

Overall, we don't want to change you, but there are a few things you do that should be done an other way in order to have a much better success rate for your next conquest. We want our guys to have, excuse my French, we want our guys to have balls. To not be afraid to ask someone out. Most women love when a guy does the first move. We love feeling desired when it's all done in a respectful manner. And if you're scared of rejection, remind yourself that we don't know you. You're currently protected from any humiliation form behind your screen.


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