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Although I don’t actually follow any specific beauty Youtubers, I do like to listen to product reviews. Although I don’t have any complexion-related problems, I do wear foundation to even out my skintone and add a little brightness to my complexion. That being said, it’s rather challenging to find a product that meets my expectations.

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One day, as I was cuddling with my poodle “Billy”, I started watching one video after another about the most highly rated products to hit the market. I came across at least twenty videos touting the many virtues of Dermacol.

What is Dermacol? It’s a COMPLETE coverage foundation that’s water resistant, contains sunscreen, is hypoallergenic and does not contain any preservatives. It’s very popular in photoshoots and on film sets. It can even cover tattoos completely! Its beautiful velvety finish definitely piqued my curiosity.

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The one problem: all, and I do mean all, of the bloggers who tested the foundation on camera applied far too much of the product for my taste. Given the fact that Dermacol has a very thick consistency, applying too much can make your face look totally unnatural and that’s definitely not the look I’m not going for. Nonetheless, I believed that the product had potential so I placed an order for it on Amazon (pre-registered credit cards on such sites can quickly lead to spending sprees!) I received my greatly anticipated order three weeks later.

My thoughts:

  • It’s not easy to pick the right colour online when comments from several people claim that the paler shades have a pinkish undertone whereas my skin, albeit not very deep, is more on the orangey side. Fortunately, the shade I picked suits me perfectly because of my tan; however, I won’t be able to wear it during the Winter months.
  • The packaging is very pretty and the value for the money is really good given that, and I repeat, you only need to apply a very small quantity. In fact, a pea-sized amount is enough to cover your entire face.
  • I must say that the result of a moderate application of the foundation never fails to impress me! It feels light on the skin and the finish is slightly dewy, resulting in a healthy-looking complexion. What’s more, the formula is long wearing and keeps your skin looking great all day. My fella noticed the change… and that’s pretty darn remarkable!

I definitely recommend giving Dermacol a try!

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