I’m feeling heavy-hearted and the feeling is growing with every passing moment. I’m having trouble breathing; not a lot, just a little. Sort of like I’m being squeezed. I’m trying to catch my breath. I close my eyes and my breathing eventually settles. Have a little faith in yourself.


“I don’t know why I have so much trouble trusting people, let alone trusting myself. Every time I think I’m taking a step forward, I take two steps back. Perhaps I’ll never know, like none of it actually mattered, and my feelings of insecurity will become irrelevant.”


You’re not perfect, you know, and that’s okay. Have you ever met someone perfect? I’m not talking about the image people project on social media; or what you remember of them as you cross each other on the street. Have you actually known people who are perfect? That’s what I thought. I know it stresses you out to think that people might discover your weaknesses and that they might say you’re not particularly good at such and such. I know that the possibility someone might think you’re not very good at something, stresses you out. Sort of like “you’re not all that good after all”, but you are. In one hundred and one ways. I know it makes you panic to think someone is lying to you, that you might be left behind, that some might think there are other (better) fish in the sea.


Breathe. Close your eyes and take another breath. Perhaps nobody has ever told you that people who love you are supposed to love you unconditionally. You aren’t perfect. You’re probably far from perfect… like 100% of the population, eh. Lift your chin up. A little higher, please. Smile and be proud of sucking at sports or not knowing how to cook or waking up with a grumpy look on your face or having a zit on your chin. Just be proud of the person you are.

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To all of you who have ever felt like you’re not quite “enough”. You really are enough.

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