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The winter cocooning style attires are certainly easier to wear than anything else and give easily style just for the simple fact that everybody are in the same mood. During summer, wearing casual relaxed clothes may seem like it’d be laundry day! There’s a way of looking impeccable even through a lazy-clothing phase! Here are three small and simple inspirations that will help you followed by their addresses so you’d easily be able to recreate them!


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The baggy pants

One of my favorite items of this season; Harem or Palazzo, they are never a let down, even when being worn as a casual outfit. The only hiccup would be that you’d have to be extra careful when choosing a top as a way that it won’t look like a pyjama! If there are some particular details such as buttons, pleats, draped effect or even a noble fabric such a sheer or silk, you’d be allowed to wear a casual T-Shirt, a simple tank top or even a basic cotton crop top (if for you, you’re comfortable in your skin to dare the crop top, which the whole point about this article is comfort). If the waist is pretty simple with an elastic band or even a mosaic that is something you’d wear as a PJ when your boyfriend isn’t around, choose instead a top with a noble fabric, small cuts or even particular aspects that makes that top unique and tuck it in your pants. These looks won’t deprive you from being comfortable, you simply need two extra seconds to create a well-put together outfit that will still be cozy!


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Looking at Zara’s new arrivals, I’ve found a harem pants with elegant pleats to wear with a simple top that you’d be able to wear right now, but with lighter colors. The casual T-Shirt would also be a great option for your stylish lazy days!




The oversized dress

This item is one of the easiest treasures you can have in your closet by wearing it during the hot season in order to fully abuse of this dress! The oversized dress is perfect for those days where you’re feeling like a garbage bag would be a great alternative to those indecisive outfits options. You simply throw it on and choose your favorite small bag and you’re all set! If you’re aspiring for a slightly more chic outfit, enhance your silhouette by adding a thin belt! You’ll basically save lots of time by doing this than piercing holes on that garbage bag for your head and arms! Smart thinking you shall say!


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You ABSOLUTELY need to pay a visit at Urban Outfitters for this outfit! They have amazing cute oversized dresses, casual or dressier types. They’ll be perfect for any type of occasion without keeping you away from your beloved comfort!

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The soft shorts

This piece is pretty versatile all thanks to its cut and length, you can play with various type of outlook. If the length is longer, it may looks like a skirt a some point (still depending on the length, here, I’m talking WAY longer than a few inches) and when the hem would be shorter and less fitted, it’d be great when being worn at a casual event. In any case, the soft shorts will always stay comfortable by giving you great outfit results. We can see it being worn with any type of top depending on the details of the latter and on the wanted outlook. Here are a few inspirations:


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Since you’re going to have a look at Urban Outfitters to look for your oversized dresses you might as well browse to get your hands on a pair of soft shorts! If you can’t stop by at one of their boutiques, you can also check out Forever21’s huge selection and you might be able to find great treasure at a crazy affordable price!


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With these three items, you’d be able to immerse yourself in total comfort, perfect for those days where breathing requires a titanic effort!

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