I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t usually wear high heels, but when I have to wear them for work or special events, I favour those that don’t hurt my feet (too much). Certain materials and styles lend themselves to greater comfort. For example, leather will mold itself to the shape of your foot; making it ideal for high heel comfort. Platform shoes are a great way to make you look taller without punishing your feet. If you prefer high heel shoes, opt for heels that aren’t too high!

Here are my high heel faves!

The “Whitney” Pumps from Naturalizer

naturalizer, souliers, talons hauts, confortSource: Naturalizer

Available in leather or suede, the heel height of Whitney pumps is ideal for all-day comfort. They also come in a gorgeous array of colours! I love the pink suede pair – perfect for spring! Also a great choice for the office (as needed ????).

The “Fawn” from Naturalizer

naturalizer, souliers, talons hauts, confort
Source: Naturalizer

For a lighter version that’s suitable for year-round wear, go for the Fawn! I especially like that they’re all suede (hello comfort!) and the heel is wide enough to be solid.

The ECCO “Shape 35” Pump

Ecco, souliers, talons hautsSource: ECCO

This model is one that you can wear all day without having to sacrifice on style! It’s the perfect high heel that’s both chic and comfortable. The nubuck leather construction will practically marry itself to the shape of your foot. It’s magical!

The ECCO “Shape 75 Round Elegant”

ecco, souliers, talons hauts
Source: ECCO

For a model that’s comfortable and suitable for chic outings, go for this version! The heel is higher but, thanks to ECCO technology, you’ll be comfortable in them for hours on end!

The “City Lights” from Aerosoles

aerosoles, souliers confortable, talons hautsSource: Aerosoles

Are you familiar with Aerosoles footwear? They’re designed to distribute your weight more towards the heels so that less pressure is placed on the ball of your feet. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I need! My feet always kill me at the end of an evening in high heels but not with Aerosoles.

The “Fortress” Bootie from Aerosoles

aerosoles, souliers confortable, talons hauts, bottillons
Source: Aerosoles

If you have trouble keeping your balance in high heels, and want greater stability, why not opt for a pair of high heel booties instead? They’ll hug your feet and give you greater freedom of movement without worry of losing your balance! This pair from Aerosoles is purrfect (and they’re on sale!).

The “Amabel Tango” from Clarks

clarks, jean-paul fortin, souliers à talons, confortSource: Jean-Paul Fortin

So, you think this is a brand only your mother would like? Think again! Clarks make classic high heels that are equally beautiful and comfortable! I love mine ????. They’re all leather and also have a cushioned sole to pamper your feet!

The “Flex” Sandals from Le Château

le chateau, sandale, printemps 2018Source: Le Château

You might not go to Le Château thinking that you’ll leave with a pair of shoes, but why not? They have a wonderful selection to choose from and their Flex collection, in particular, offers great support and comfort for your little feet!

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