No two women are built the same so it stands to reason that we don’t all gain or lose weight in the same specific area and at the same rate. Even if I gain a few pounds, my stomach remains flat and my abs are well defined; however, I can see a change in my buttocks and thighs. Unlike the rest of my body, the musculature of my buttocks is less apparent than the little fat (by the way, I like that little bit of fat. This article is not about weight loss; it’s about making our butt stronger and more muscular).


The first exercise is well known: the squat. Start by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly descend to a 45-degree angle, keeping your back straight. Slowly return to the starting position. In the picture below, I’m working with the weight of my body but you can increase the level of difficulty by using dumbbells. I keep my hands at the front of my body but you can place them behind your neck, if you prefer. Repeat the movement several times. I do a series of 50 squats.


The second exercise is one that we tend to prefer doing at home rather than at the gym because of the position involved.  Start by getting down to the ground on all fours; arms and knees shoulder-width apart. Slowly raise your right leg to the side, keeping your knee bent at a 45-degree angle. Slowly lower your leg, keeping your knee bent. Repeat 50 times  and then switch legs! For maximum results, it’s important to do this exercise with slow movements so don’t rush it!


The third exercise starts like the previous one… down on the ground on all fours; arms and knees shoulder-width apart. Slowly raise your right leg behind you as you unbend your knee. Raise your leg as high as is comfortable to you, keeping your spine straight (do not arch your back). Slowly lower your leg to the starting position. Repeat 50 times and then switch legs!

Note: you can increase the level of difficulty for both the 2nd and 3rd exercises by adding leg weights.


After these three exercises, which can be accomplished in under five minutes, take a minute to stretch before going to work!


The look:

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Photos – Vikki Snyder


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