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Holiday season is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been planning my outfit and makeup since December 1st (*cough cough* November 1st) with as much anticipation and excitement as a 5-year-old waiting for Santa. There are so many holiday makeup collections out there that choosing the right products to achieve your glam look can prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, I think I can help you out a bit in that department. You see, I was able to try out Personnelle’s holiday collection and, if you are a glitter lover such as myself, you will love it. But like most collections out there, some of these items are amazing and some… not so much. Anyhow, if you want to know what my first impressions were and which products I think you should pickup, keep on reading!



A lot of drugstore eyeshadows turnout to be quite chalky causing a lot of fallout and kickback so I was pleasantly surprised by the creamy texture of these. However, the colour payoff isn’t as pronounced as other drugstore options. I was a bit sad to see they’re all shimmery eyeshadows, as I prefer to have a few matte options. Overall, it’s a very decent palette, but it wouldn’t be my first pick.



This year, holiday makeup trends are all about glitter liners! You can use them to redefine your cut-crease, to line the top of your cat eye, or you can even dot it on top of your eyeshadow for extra sparkle! These ones have a clear base and a high concentration of glitter. However, if you apply it in a dragging motion, it swipes away the glitter. So, in order to get as much glitter payoff as in the picture, you have to press the brush onto the skin.  Asides from that small inconvenience, I think these are a great budget friendly alternative to the ones you would find at Sephora!



The picture might make it look like these lipsticks are super pigmented. However, they have very little colour payoff and lots of glitter! Which is why I believe these were formulated to be lipstick toppers! They are the perfect item to add a sparkly twist to your favourite lip colour and completely change your look for the holidays. Or, you could wear it by itself and top it off with a clear gloss for extra shine! My personal favourite is the Rose one which has a subtle hint of pink with golden reflects.


Body Powders

Warning: these powders are extremely volatile! Unless you love glitter to the point where you are willing to let it move in with you and take over your wardrobe, and your bed, I wouldn’t recommend getting these. However, the femme coquette in me is crazy about the packaging and I don’t mind a bit of extra shimmer in my personal belongings! The powder at the top of the picture (Olympic) makes your skin look as beautiful and shimmery as freshly fallen snow. The middle one (ski) leaves a beautiful golden veil on your skin and the bottom one (medal) a stunning rosy glow. The last powder in the perfume-like glass bottle is a multifaceted glitter with hints of pink, gold and, of course, silver. Overall, I love these!

What is your must-have makeup product for the holidays? Let me know in the comment section bellow!

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