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Nowadays, it seems like I wish to have a great fashion style. It's something that comes from time to time, wishing to upgrade my look. I love finding inspiration in simple things a little bit randomly during my daily routine. I've decided to guide you and show you where I found my fashion inspiration where sometimes the latter is often underrated (ohhh suspense).

1. Instagram

I know this isn't new and we all get inspired from that social media and Pinterest. I'll give you that. Nowadays, I was following models, I mean those who have a similar fashion style as I do. For example, I recently started to follow @vanessadudgens. I love her style and to see her daily looks in my newsfeed is a great source of inspiration. 

Who I follow:

– @kendalljenner 

– @gigihadid

– @vanpailong

– @jennymwalton

– @sarahlabrosa

– Fashion brands





kendall jenner

Source: snapfashionista

gigi hadid street style

Source: Elle


2. TV series:

Regardless of the tv series you're watching, always think there's an artistic director who's being assisted by a huge wardrobe department where each piece has its importance on the show. I mean yeah, there are people who are legit getting paid to style characters such as the iconic Rachel in Suits. On her to-do list, you would find she has to stay updated regarding the latest fashion trends, create an uniqueness wardrobe in order to represent her character through her clothes. There's so much thought put into one outfit which is why these are a great source of inspiration in my book.


My favourite:

Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl, of course.

Rachel from Suits

Spencer from Pretty Little Liars

Elena from Vampire Diaries

Spencer pll style

Source: Seventeen

3. Online:

Shopping online! There are tons of amazing boutiques which we don't even know they existed since they're not established in Quebec yet. By purchasing online or simply on their e-commerce, you could find inspiration. 

5. In your daily routine: 

It may sound stupid or vapid, I know, BUT, for quite some time I started to have fun to be on the lookout and do some serious people-watching in order to get inspired. I simply keep a section in my note book where I write people's outfits I saw in the streets that caught my attention. That way when I'm shopping, I often find pieces like them and create outfits I never thought I would ever wear in the first place. 

5. Fashion bloggers

Because they're there for that. 

In short, style is all about influence! We copy what we like, I mean it is on my part since I don't have that 6th sense of being a fashion stylist of have that creative talent  I should say.

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