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I'm 29 years old. I celebrated my birthday last summer and it hit me hard big time. As if I fell head on while thinking: "this will soon be the end of your twenties, have you done everything you ever wished to accomplish?" I stopped. I asked myself if I was happy, if I've reached my goals, in sum, if I have become the 30 year old woman I pictured myself being when I was 20. Yes. Nothing is perfect obviously. However, I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished in my career. I'm 29, I have an amazing boyfriend, great group of friends which I adore, a loving family, a job that stimulates me and the list goes on. Then, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I've changed. Oddly enough, I felt as beautiful now than I did when I was 20 years old. I've learnt to take care of my skin, I love my hair color even if the latter has some colour in it, I learnt to take care of my brows and live in peace with aging signs… most of the time. I won't lie to you, I'm a very expressive woman. When I talk, my whole face that comes alive, my theater years are not quite far away. I have a big smile, I laugh loud and often. At 25 years old I started noticing my first wrinkles and the first aging signs. That hit me hard. I won't lie to you here either. At least, my boyfriend, which doesn't have at all any traces of a slight wrinkle keeps telling me how cute it looks and how it's part of who I am. ALRIGHT. But that doesn't mean I'll just let them be. Wrinkles that gave the biggest shock were the ones around my eyes and two long lines that now crosses my forehead like cords. I'd prefer it if the latter weren't as deep as they are now. No, I'm not thinking of getting work done nor having botox injections. I'm not judging people who actually turn to plastic surgery either, but this isn't my cup of tea in my case. I prone natural beauty and would rather turn to beauty cream instead. That say, before going to bed, I'd apply eye serum with pro-retinol from Olay. Moreover, you can also use this product on your forehead. It allows to treat those deep wrinkles and you actually notice the latter diminishing in terms of size over time. It's been a few years that I've heard about those retinol-based products. The latter are truly efficient. Upon application, I instantly see the effect on my face and I feel the latter being strengthened. Now, all thanks to this cream, my skin next to my eyes is super soft. 

The new line of eye care products from  Olay was created to treat the most frequent problems, that touch 95% of all women, either wrinkles, puffy eyes or sagging skin around your eyes. Each product targets a particular problem in order to directly treat it. I loved using the anti-puff ball applicator. After a very short night, this product does miracles with the contour of my eyes. My other favourite product would be the supreme eye cream that directly treats dark circles and the latter is marvelous to reduce their appearance, even when I'm feeling more tired than  usual and feel that my face has been graced with dark circles. 


I know some would tell me that being 29 is still too young to talk about beauty products that fight aging signs, but they are wrong. Most women will see their first aging signs at 25 and usually it's the skin around your eye that shows the first sign above any other parts of your face. Now marks the moment to start treating it. Evidently, not all creams target your age group. Cream lines usually offer, for most of them, products that target the first wrinkles women from 25 to 45 would experience. Simply need to educate yourself by choosing the eye cream that fits your needs. Which is why Olay has set its #Ageless campaign: to know which problem you should work on and choosing THE specific and appropriate product that will fit your needs. That say, you'll obtain the optimal results and Olay wanted to help women to have a healthier skin as long as possible. 

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