The most anticipated festival of the year has come and gone, and from what the little birdies told us, it was worth attending if only to see Queen Beyoncé slay it on the stage – those who weren’t lucky enough to be there won’t be able to stream it according to CNN. Of course, as almost every year, it was the number one celebrity sighting, so if you wanted, you could stalk Justin Bieber or catch a glimpse of Kylie Jenner; some of you were probably lucky enough to even snap a photo (don’t worry if it’s blurry, it still counts). However, we’re here to talk fashion, as always, and see whether the numerous Coachella style forecasts turned out to be true, or if there were any unexpected or even all-too-familiar styles present yet again. Stick with us and find out.

Accessories take center stage


Photo by Lyndsey Marie on Unsplash

We’ll get to clothes soon enough, but this year’s accessories and makeup looks were so dazzling and over-the-top amazing that we simply must talk about them first. Above all, there was a lot of glitter; Fenty’s new Body Lava and Fairybomb had their moment. Glittery hair expectedly made an appearance, along with beachy waves, but some of the game-changers were definitely hair accessories. Coachella girls really outdid themselves this season, from outrageous hair colors to some hair jewelry work that surely took plenty of effort. There was no lack of face jewelry and embellishments either, with many opting to grace their faces with paint and mermaid vibe-evoking rhinestones and seashells. When it comes to makeup, some went for the low-key bohemian looks while others took it over the top with cut creases, mermaid hues and full-on makeup tutorial-like looks. The things we do for festival season huh? Well, we guess it’s all part of the fun, as, except for Halloween, when else do people get the chance to be and look however they like and let their true colors shine? Life’s too short, be a mermaid for at least a couple of days.

Like an American



The amount of fringe was completely unexpected, we have to admit, as we thought the whole fringe frenzy was so very over. Still, it seems like some things never change, and wearing fringed vests, trousers, bags, dresses and anything else that comes with a fringe is what being an American is all about. It’s almost the equivalent of seeing Lana Del Ray wrapped in an American flag in her videos – fringe is the new patriotism.

A smidge of athleisure

Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

Well, what did you expect, that one of the biggest fashion trends is going to sit this one out? Even Queen B performed in a killer yellow hoodie, so there’s no chance athleisure didn’t find its way into the festival goers’ style. Oh yes, hoodies paired with tulle skirts and gorgeous and sleek Valentino pants with the trendy stripe on the side paired with crop tops – we can safely say that ‘athleisure was here’. Believe it or not, some even abandoned their cowboy and suede ankle boots and opted for chill and comfy sneakers to go with their cut-off denim shorts, so all is good in the land of leisure.

The sheer glam


This pun is totally intended, as somehow the gals at Coachella succeeded in mixing the Versace-inspired gold tops and skirts with both fringes and sheer skirts and shorts, and we are in complete awe of these looks. There is definitely a lot going on here, but still, the festival season is all about having fun and experimenting, and we have to admit, these are some supreme matching skills. Needless to say, sheer boho dresses were abundantly present, complemented and completed with fedoras, belts and endless amounts of statement jewelry, but we’re already kind of used to this so it’s not even that big of a deal.



The one thing we did not expect, but we’re delighted to see is that some people chose to be classically, even runway-approved stylish. Colorful stripy and floral ensembles were a breath of fresh air, we have to admit, along with regular (and not crochet tops). These types of choices show that you don’t have to go all out to look incredible, and that following the unspoken advice given by the runways sometimes pays off big time, because these ladies look both cool and on trend without looking silly.

A little glitz, a little glam, a lot of blinding bedazzling – Coachella doesn’t cease to surprise. There is nothing left to do but a) wait to see which of these looks will sneak their way into mainstream fashion and b) what they will think of for the next festival season, because these looks will be hard to top.


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