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You’ll be seeing feminine bomber jackets in every store this autumn! Do you have yours and do you know how to rock the trend?

The heat wave in Montréal has lifted and although it saddens me, I knew that Summer had to end sooner or later. So, I’ve (reluctantly) started wearing outfits from my Fall wardrobe in order to stay warm. A lot of fashion lovers adore this time of year because they enjoy creating layered looks with more voluminous clothing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying it… I’m a hot weather kind of gal. That’s right! Getting back to the matter at hand, you’ll be seeing feminine bomber jackets everywhere this Fall. What lends them a touch of femininity are the decorative details of either the print or the colour of the fabric, or wearing them with an item that softens the military look.  I found a black one with pastel flowers last Spring at Le Château and I wore it on cooler evenings throughout the Summer. What a pleasure it was to find a similar jacket in more autumnal colours at the same store!

How to wear it in an office environment?

The feminine bomber is easy to wear because it can be both chic and casual. You can slip it over a dress to go to work or pair it with distressed jeans during the weekend. Today, I’m going to show you how I’ll be wearing my jacket to the office (bare legged… weather permitting).

What size?

Loose fitting feminine bombers are on trend this year. You can rock the oversized look by choosing a jacket that’s one or two sizes up!

Dare we zip it?

Yes! Why not? Zipping it up will give you a slightly more tailored look!

The Look:

Clothing – Le Château

Footwear – Le Château

Sunglasses – IRIS

Photo – Sarah R Photographe

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