Father’s Day gifts are tricky, but what’s even trickier is finding a card to go with his new putter, fresh-rolled cigars or shiny, new shades.
The typical fanfare is built on fart jokes, old man quips and Mr. fix it references. Finding a card that is simple, witty and relevant is becoming more and more like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
So, I saved you all the needle-hunting time to lay it out for you nice and simple.
This is Father’s Day Cards 101.
The Sentimental.
You get a little wet in the eyes when you take a second to pause on thoughts of your Father. And I say Father because if you refer to him with such an affectionate, endearing term, you’re probably going for a feelings card.
These are the notes that don’t take the long way around or take any detours, but shoot straight for the heart. They praise, applaud, affirm the man that he is and what he means to your life.
The Punch in the Shoulder.
When you’re more apt to use the words chum or pal or bud when talking about dear old Dad, you’ll be going for the more laid-back, lets wrestle options. Your dad taught you how to throw a punch, how to use sarcasm, how to pop a wheelie, how to ask a girl out. Ok, maybe not that last one, but he taught you a lot and you were always pals while you did it.

Father's Day

The Sports Jersey.
If your Dad literally doesn’t get off the couch during March Madness or is always off the couch coaching Little League, the sports reference cards are slam dunks. They reiterate Pop’s value as the incredible life coach he is and the #1 fan he’s always been.


The Family Throwback.
Ah, childhood. Who doesn’t love to remember the good ol’ days when you were a snot-faced scrub your Dad had to wrangle and train to behave. If you’re often sitting around the dinner table having a laugh about those days, these are the cards to find. They get you chuckling about those agonizing piano recitals in hot, stuffy churches and who inherited whose gnarly feet or heart hairline. These nostalgic and light-hearted picks are golden for family throwbacks.
The Culture Nerd.
Unless your Dad is up on the times, the culture reference cards aren’t for you. But if he is then they’re the only ones you can go for because of how much he will appreciate it. He’s the dad with Arrested Development on DVD, who starts sentences with, “Did you know…”, who always has a copy of Rolling Stone magazine kicking around and who turns up Drake just a little too loud when you’re riding shotgun. He thinks he’s cool, and if you are willing to admit it, he really is and it’s adorable.


All cards are available online at Dani Press.
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