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Even if the weather doesn't make us feel we're approaching the end of the year, it is inevitable, 2015 is coming to an end. Personally, I'm always exciting for New Years Eve. Of course, I'm exciting to discover the newest trendy colors and MOST IMPORTANTLY fashion trends. I'm the type of girl who'd ask herself in the middle of November what the new year will bring us, or what I'd wear in March. I'm like that, I get bored easily. Maybe it's because at this very moment, pictures of the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows are popping up, and as any other fashionistas would do, I jumped on the occasion and scrolled down many photo albums as if my life was depending on it. I'm guilty, I'm obsessed with fashion. 

I'd admit that I am a happy camper with our current fashion trends and the ones we've had this year. Let's just say that many have come back. What we see is never groundbreaking. In fact, did you know a fashion trend is always thought of at least 8 months in advance? It gives us time to prepare ourselves on what we'll wear once a trend becomes mainstream. That say, designers don't create a new color or a new fabric, they just re-use what we've seen for a long time and tweak it up to make it something new. Personally, I find it interesting, however, there are a few trends I haven't dare to incorporate to my wardrobe and yet, I'm impatient of trying them in today's time. Let me show you. 

#1 Let your shoulders say hello

Does a one sleeve or one strap shirt rings a bell? Or even a halter top? Oh yes, it will make a comeback in 2016 but on a whole new level. We're the furthest thing away from the sporty spice look. This time, it is indeed sexier and delicate. We opt for a deep neckline and for a less intense version, we can opt for a boat neck that will come back in stores. I think I'm down to give it a try. It's a breeze of fresh air and It has been far too long I haven't worn any boat neck top. We shall wait and see.


Source : – Chloe


Source : – Chloe

#2 All shades of white

We opt for the clothes' delicacy. I mean those 50 shades of white can go from white, cream, ivory -we get the idea- and they're all trendy colors. We can also found a more lingerie inspired side to it. I mean, you can feel sexy without falling onto the obvious with soft, vaporous fabric, simple and delicate pieces. We truly see a new wave of "young frail girl" for next year's fashion trends. 


Source : – Rebecca Minkoff 


Source : – Stella McCartney

#3 Hello fifties, I'm looking for the pinup look

Dazzling colors, high waist shorts and bustier. We saw them subtly making their come back over the last two years (crop top and cie.) but now, the fifties inspired style is now officially back. Yahoo! I love that trend and gives a cute look to an outfit. Obviously, moderation is key, the goal here is to avoid looking like you're wearing a swimsuit 24/7, however a subtle hint of the 50s inspired look never killed nobody. 


Source : –  Anna Sui 


Source : – Dolce & Gabbana


Source : – Dolce & Gabbana 

#4 Once again, the sporty chic look is very much alive

Sorry to break the news for those who couldn't stand it anymore, but the sporty chic look is not yet ready to depart on fashion trend list. We're talking here about bomber jackets, sneakers paired with a dress, yoga leggings and tracksuits (not a big fan of the latter I shall say). In fact, the most popular piece of 2016 would be the bomber jacket. Not the one from a fake baseball league like last year, oh hell no! We're talking here about a printed bomber jacket, floral, sparkles, you know everything that sounds girly. Loving it!


Source : –  Saint-Laurent Paris


Source : – Saint-Laurent Paris 

So here was a  preview of what the fashion industry has in stores for us for the upcoming year. Obviously, there are other side trends that sadly didn't make on today's list. Oh and, if ever you were wondering, but the colors of 2016 are Pink Quartz and Serenity. Just take a look at the following picture to see how pretty and girly the next year will be. 

Source :

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